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Article: Introduction to the Spring Framework 2.5

Technical Article

In this TSS article, Rod Johnson explains what Spring sets out to achieve and how it can help the community develop enterprise Java applications.


Spring Framework Training Summary (November)

News and Announcements

Interface21 is pleased to offer a number of Spring Framework 2.0 and AOP training events in the upcoming period, delivered by the people who build and sustain the Spring Framework. For full details, please visit the main training information page. Here is a summary of some of the upcoming courses and venues: </p>

plus others

Interested in a full-course of Spring during Winter? The Spring Experience 2007 conference is taking place in sunny Hollywood, Florida, from Dec. 12th-15th.


今天去 http://www.springframework.org/ 看了一眼, 很不幸的首页充斥了培训信息, 还有在中国的…

其实 Spring 的法律上的版权所有者: Interface21 公司, 是有他们自己的网站的. 不过, 开源软件不等于放弃版权, 这个大家一定要清楚啊. 让一个 .org 的网站充满了这样的信息, 真是一种悲哀. 钱, 钱, 钱….

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