WebLogic 是一个公司(1995 到 1998), 它的贡献是创建了世界上第一个J2EE 应用服务器, WebLogic Application Server.


Paul Ambrose, Bob Pasker, Laurie Pitman, 和 Carl Resnikoff 在 1995年9月创建了Weblogic, Inc. 公司创建者一起努力经营并最终演化出了”应用服务器(Application Server)”. 1998年, WebLogic 任命 Ali Kutay 为 主席和首席执行官.

BEA Systems 在1998年收购了WebLogic, Inc.

Oracle Corporation 在 2008 收购了 BEA Systems.


Prior to co-founding WebLogic, Inc., in September 1995, Paul Ambrose and Carl Resnikoff had developed (pre-JDBC) Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server database-drivers for Java under the name dbKona, as well as a “three-tier” server to permit applets to connect to these databases.[1]

This WebLogic 1.48 server had the name T3Server (a corruption of “3-Tier Server”). Concurrently, Laurie Pitman and Bob Pasker had worked on network-management tools written in Java. Pasker had written an SNMP stack in Java and a W32 native method for ICMP ping[2], while Pitman had worked on applets to display the management data.

The 1.48 server version had (among other hidden features) the ability to extend itself by modifying a dispatcher and adding a handler for different types of messages. Pasker talked Ambrose into sending him the source code for the server, and Pasker extended it so that applets could make SNMP and PING requests on the network, and display the results.

At this point, the founders worked together to pursue what eventually became the “Application Server”.



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