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Well, a lot of guys might encounter this strange errors when do dev on the WebLogic Server along with JRockit VM, well, I don’t care what other guys do with this error, but one case I found is that the real reason is ClassNotFound. This is a big app on WLS 10.3.0 with JRockit 1.6, and it running under the dev mode, after upload one jar file to the WEB-INF/lib folder, then update the app through console, it’s still not work,  and produced a strange error message as following:


Well, it’s said java.lang.InternalError: erroneous handlers. After checking the class loading status var my private used tool, I found one jar file is not loaded into the JVM as expected, but it’s need by another jar who hold this class: DefaultXPath. Finally, reboot the wls server will fix this issue. Well, still I don’t know exactly the reason why it’s failed to update.

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