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Something that was not obvious to me when using NX client was the ability to get out of fullscreen. I initially thought that they just hadn’t implemented it as yet.. but we are now on version 3 and I thought that the mere oversight should have been fixed by now.

Well, I don’t know if it has always been there but there’s two ways to switch between the remote desktop session and your local session when using NX

You can switch between full-screen and your original desktop by clicking on the ‘Magic Pixel’ on the top-right corner of your screen. Just move to the top right corner of the screen and left-click.

If, for any reason, your remote session is not responding, you can switch by pressing the sequence ctrl+alt+shift+esc.

Hope this helps..

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I have recently discovered the machine that is NoMachine and am using it to connect to my work computer from outside the office. So far it seems to work really well. The only thing is that I like to run it in fullscreen mode and was struggling to find out how to return to my local desktop. Eventually I found this post about NX which provided all the solutions. In summary the options are:

Clicking on the top right pixel
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Now if only they had a client of Mac OSX which supported fullscreen mode.

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