DomainHealth是一款开源免费的监控WebLogic服务器的Web应用, 发布日期为2011-10-05.



=== DomainHealth 1.0.0 === 

05 October 2011

Mainly a bug fix and minor enhancement release to provide a stable full features 1.0 version – also added optional support for showing host machine statistics (CPU, Memory, and Network usage) by using the WLHostMachineStats application, if deployed to the WebLogic domain, see:
DomainHealth is an open source “zero-config” monitoring tool for WebLogic. It collects important server metrics over time, archives these into CSV files and provides a simple web interface for viewing graphs of current and historical statistics.




  1. Navigate to the project home page’s and download the following JEE web-application: domainhealth-100.war
  2. Deploy domainhealth-100.war to WebLogic, targeted to the Admin Server server of the domain only
  3. Using a Web Browser, navigate to: http://adminhost:port/domainhealth  Eg.: http://localhost:7001/domainhealth
        (statistics may take a few minutes to appear – keep pressing the Latest Time (right arrow) Button)

If you are REPLACING a previous version of DomainHealth (DH), first undeploy the old DH version, then delete (or archive off) the old ‘statistics’ directory containing the previously collected CSV files (usually located at /logs/statistics), then deploy the new DH version. This is required because the latest DH version is not backwards compatible with the CSV format used in older DH versions.

Supports all WebLogic version from 9.0 to 10.3.x  (including Exalogic, in addition to generic hardware platforms)

See the help documentation link above, especially if your WebLogic administrator is not called ‘weblogic’, if you need to force use of JMX Polling for data capture (i.e.. not use WLDF on WLS 10.3+) and/or if you need to change the path of the output directory for generated CSV files.

DomainHealth – version 1.0.0 – CHANGES

  * ENH#2782810 – Capture and display CPU, memory, network OS stats
  * ENH#3411845    – CodeImprovement – Simplify background threading code
  * ENH#2989273 – CodeImprovement – Provide Tag Lib for URL param generation

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