This is a standalone app for debugging React Native apps, it’s based on the official Remote Debugger, and includes React Inspector / Redux DevTools.
The prebuilt binaries can be found on the releases page.
如何使用呢? 相当的简单, 参考文档:
  • Chrome浏览器中所有的 http://localhost:/debugger-ui 页面都得关了.
  • 先打开并运行 RNDebugger应用处于等待状态
  • 在模拟器或者真机上打开开发者菜单, 启用  Debug JS Remotely
    Android: Command⌘ +MiOS: Command⌘ + D
  • 然后不要忘了点击App底部的Inspect按钮来检查界面元素


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