If you have custom power supply requirements we can help. The original founders were engineers and researchers who studied renewable energy at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences. It also features a USB for charging small electronics. It is compact and features a heat dissipator in the back. It is suitable for 12V and 24V systems and it comes in 10A and 20A. Excellent for humid, dusty or corrosive environments. Morningstar RM-1 Remote Meter.

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It is suitable for 12V and 24V systems and it comes in 10A and 20A.

Do you have any questions? ECO 10 The ECO 10 is small and versatile, it is fully encapsulated and the connections are made via the provided wires.

An LED driver is a self-contained power supply which has outputs that are specifically designed to match the requirements of the LED device or devices that it’s connected to. Just upload a picture and we’ll send you a link.

Call for more information. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. JavaScript seems 22800ma be disabled in your browser. View as Grid List. Encapsulated, corrosion resistant Summary Table.


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Offer valid in the continental US through December 16th or while stock last. Sales 20 44 20 Technical Support 20 44 30 Quick Contact. This product has a minimum order requirement of 1. It is fully programmable and works with wind and micro-hydro power sources.

We offer custom solutions including conformal coating, re-boxing, changing connectors, on board component changes and more. As the ECO 10 unit, the electronics in the ECO-N-T units are fully potted and cased in an aluminum cover, the main difference is that they come with terminals instead of wires to facilitate a secure connection.

It le a fully encapsulated class IP68 controller perfect for solar street lights, bus shelters, marine applications or any lighting application exposed to the elements or a corrosive environment. They mainly focused on off-grid applications, for use in remote areas with no connection to the electric grid. The type of driver selected is important because many LED lighting solutions are designed to operate solely with a constant current or constant voltage driver.

Flexcharge 12V Programmable Timer. Encapsulated for though environments.

Let us help with your system design discounted rates complete design delivery included installation support Submit request. Negative ground Operating temperature: It has full electronic protection and is cased in a flashy orange aluminum cover. Built-in timer for one or two independent loads.



Compact size with 30A of charging capacity. Notify me when available. They are a convenient solution for small systems when the controller is in a dry and friendly environment.

Call us today to discuss your requirements on 20 44 30 and speak to one of technical team. Other Phocos PMW controllers.

Flexcharge Night Watchman 12V Photoswitch. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Create an Account Back. There are six available model ranging in 10A and 20A depending on the current required to power the LED lights:.

We have many years of experience modifying and designing bespoke power supply solutions.