I have seen demonstrations of many discs exploding and blowing through the front bezel of drives when spinning at 10, RPM. Apr 16, Posts: CD-ROM drives employ a near- infrared nm laser diode. I should know better than to post anything late at night. Will we see X drives? There’s also “centrifugal force”.

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The size of a disc image created from the data in the sectors will depend on the type of sectors it is using.

But a balanced disk is going to want to rotate flat. After “retiring” inCdom started Ask Leo! If anything, slower can often be better quality and you’ll often see readers and burners slow down if they’re having problems. Helping people with computers Your explanation is the only one I have understood, lol!

This section needs expansion with: This is only theoretical however, and is affected by command overhead, the interface speed, etc. The DVD and Blu-ray discs hold a higher capacity of data, so reading or writing those discs in the same minute time-frame requires a higher data transfer rate.

CD-ROM drives

However, only the four-pin analog audio cable is included with the drive. An 18 year career as a programmer at Microsoft soon followed. Do you suppose the 16x and 48x and so on designations are a parallel to this problem? I should know better than to post anything late at night.


Higher spin speeds are limited by the strength of the polycarbonate plastic of which the discs are made. If the reflectivity is too low for the disc to be read accurately, some parts may be skipped or it may result in unwanted audio artifacts such as squeaking and clicking sounds. You cdrrom help by adding to it. Today 48X is a very common speed for a CD-ROM reader, and means that the disk is spinning 48 times faster than your audio 552x.

Originally posted by PreacherBoy: Wed Jun 30, If you have a question, start by using the search box up at the top of the page – there’s a very good chance that your question has already been answered on Ask Leo!. About Us Employment Privacy Policy.

Several formats are used for data stored on compact discs, known as the Rainbow Books. You may also be 52c in: Even so, these speeds can cause poor reading drive error correction having become very sophisticated in response and even shattering of poorly made or physically damaged media, with small cracks rapidly growing into catastrophic breakages when centripetally stressed at 10,—13, rpm i. But if you do, get a vid. That’s a property of the dye.


CDrom rotational speeds – Ars Technica OpenForum

I hit eject on one unit, and it was still spinning when the tray opened! Of course the disks aren’t in contact with the tray. The front bezel is clean with just an eject button, indication LED, headphone jack and volume wheel for audio disk playback.

As a side note, DVD readers are also starting to use the “X” notation.

You might consider replacing that drive. Retrieved from ” https: If you are unsure of how to set csrom drive to DMA a short explanation is included in the instructions. Advertisements do not imply my endorsement of any product or service.

Unlike audio CDs, the data stored in these sectors corresponds to any type of digital data, not audio samples encoded according to the audio CD specification. In a music CD, data is read sequentially, so rotation cxrom is not an issue.