I’d expect this from someone with 1 post who just jumped in from Google and felt compelled to register and offer his two cents , but jeez Bring back the main forum list. That is exactly what we used it for before too, a media center. So if you want to play latest version of game you should upgrade your 3D card. You know what you have just about the same kind of machine that I have except I don’t have vista and I don’t have that thing anyways I have the gt xxx mb on my machine and it looks just fine to me.

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NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE + nForce 430

The only good part of this system is the processor, but MB of ram? I was gonna say, who the hell has grzphics I’d expect this from someone with 1 post who just jumped in from Google and felt compelled to register and offer his two centsbut jeez Here we go I’ll just toss in my 2 cent worth.

I’m not sure how new COD4 is but I assume that it would look nice and play good as well. If you don’t wanna do that then just buy a GPU, increase your ram to 4gb, and cross your fingers.


Hofflehoff What do you mean by 2 gigs of memory? I have a low profile in my wifes Compaq media pc. You can grab an gt or xton newegg.

It was low and fit in with the rest of the consoles and cable boxes. After getting all put back together and updated it was running great, but I think that has more to do with the Radeon that I put on it.

GeForce 6150SE nForce 430

I ended up getting a mini atx case for 20 bucks so I could fit one of my old video cards since it was originally in a low profile case. My graphics card is a geforce SE, and i was grapihcs wondering will this support new games like Call Of Duty 4? I just went the cheap route, bought him a Athlon x4 2.

Especially when there are dx9 cards that outperform 6150sr for the same price, and ones that are cheaper.

Fignewton50 Follow Forum Posts: My sons pc was the exact same specs, and it was a Compaq. How are you even running vista? It’s a am2 vraphics, so there are only a few upgrade options. This is what I have.

I have a slim computer case and put one of my spare mother boards in it, this board has the video card built in. Its level of use would be light 3D gaming.


Drivers | GeForce

Don’t even bother yraphics the DX9 cards anymore. Please Log In to post. Dx10 is not even close to full swing yet. I needed to repurchase it for another project, but I needed some 3D horse power, the was no longer going to cut it. Every one else in here seems to say that they are the same but in my opinion I say different.

PassMark – GeForce SE nForce – Price performance comparison

Help would be much appreciated: The gts is pretty much a dx9 card, because it cannot do dx10 either even though it says it can. This topic is locked from further discussion.

GarGx1 Follow Forum Posts: Nope, that card is poo. It’s on the front page. Arronaxxx Follow Forum Posts: Why did you bump 6510se thread?