Can’t thank you all enough as getting connected via broadband is a major breakthrough for me – I can now hang around here and ask lots of irritating newbie questions ;. Sign In Sign Up. Posted August 13, There are however a number of articles available on the Internet providing details on how to get the modem to work. Solution to this problem is to use microcode provided by official site of Thomson: Posted September 16,

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Alcatel Speedtouch USB / Thompson Speedtouch 330

Thank 33 so much. Posted September 21, They are quick – that’s why I think so. I hashed the lines in the script I put before those 4 lines. Edited September 11, by Dustpuppy.

Posted July 25, It does not have any built-in features such as IP routing, firewalling or Network Address Translation. Posted September 11, edited.

There’s a thread on the Cooker ML discussing it and apparently it’s pretty close now.

It’d be a huge help if people could try installing Cooker and see how it deals with their Alcatels, and post the results to Bugzilla or the Cooker ML We can discuss this, and decide whether it is needed It costs money See this thread: Register a new account. Posted September 28, I missed that the first time and had problems as a result. Another rod I made for my back was having the alcaudsl. Because this device speedtouhc a dial-up winmodem, it is necessary to install dial-up software and initiate a dial-up connection in order to connect to the Internet.


Can’t thank you all enough as getting connected via broadband is a major breakthrough for me – I can now hang around here and ask lots of irritating newbie questions. Finally came across this and once again found it didn’t work speertouch probably from me trying so many different things.


Posted September 26, It seemed as though the shell script would pick alcaudsl. The device connects to the USB port of a computer and does not provide an Ethernet connection.

A question though lets eat gray. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Speedtouch – Debian Wiki

We no longer have community blogs was never really used We no longer have a portal page. So I reinstalled Mandrake By lets-eat-garyJuly uab, in Tips and Tricks. One thing when I first ran this it was looking for Command BC, I found a rpm on the installation disk for a mathematical prog BC and installed this ran it again with great success.


Posted September 8, You can install all the manuals from the main repository if you have Mandriva installed – files are prefixed mandriva-doc. I found during setup I had to have the system security setting on ‘standard’ rather than ‘high’, or shorewall was interfering with the setup. alctael

Remember the OS was free! I have seen other howto’s but i only got mine working using advice from a combination of howto’s.

I had a usb speedtouch modem too, only thing I did is buying me an ethernet one. In a few days time installation guide on Mandrake 10 Official should be published on http: Then I went to broadband and Of corse you just put it still zipped in the folder of speedtouchconf.