You could try the lsusb command to list all usb connected devices. Ok, this “should” be a failsafe method. That’s good to hear, I still have not got a clue why this happened in the first place though. It is certainly worth trying to detect it using the disk utility tool. There’s only one Gb drive ever used, so no worries about which one’s being referred to. All I know is that I used to do it, and now I can’t. Boot into an Ubuntu LiveCD 2:

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Case rather solid and good cable, though. If your card reader is an external aldor please disconnect it. I’m afraid I am going to use that word again, can you post the output of mounting it manually fdisk -l Find drive location e.

If that’s not already there, I would install it and look at the drive using that. Disconnect the usb drive and run lsusb Now plug the hard drive in and type lsusb again lsusb Please post the output from both times.

Download in other formats: Thanks I’ve never seen ref. I wouldn’t have got there on my own in a long time! Sorry not very good at hopping from forum to reply and back and managing quotes and not losing reply halfway through, so we’re a bit clunky.


And thanks again tarps,ironic,mark,phil,verbeck, this has been an insistent problem, and your help enabled me to see that there was only one choice, to reformat.

Any other order will fail.

USB Flash Drive Controller – Alcor Micro, Corp.

But you agree with philinux about Disk Utility, which I’d never seen before: If you can not find a way to recreate the table a format will be the quickest and easiest way, however you will lose your data. Is this a NTFS formated drive?

USB storage drive Gb is not recognised. Thanks to you all for the help. Incomplete response, ATA output registers missing.

In Oct DeLock? But at the least you will find in these pages some likely helpful areas to look into for usbdrive probs. Internet research one might be able gridge find a compatible improved firmware which given some luck smartmontools then will be able to support.

Driver Updates

Given the age of these controllers, probably no pass-through implemented at all. It doesnt show on onboard Gparted, shows on Diskutility as sdf shows on fdisklu command as sdc!

Bus Device It is certainly worth trying to detect it using the disk utility tool. This will clean the drive of all data and partitions Then click the large white block saying “free”, this will highlight it then click create partition or something to that effect.

According to the screenshot, the drive is unformatted entirely After plugging the drive type dmesg tail and post the output here, this should show us what the machine does when it detects the hard drive.


I can’t go back to yr exact words safely Tarps, but I understand the code-entering part, but don’t know what you mean by sdg etc ‘appearing’, Alsowhile I was in Disk Utility, I pressed ‘safely remove drive’, and it disappeared from list at left, I unplugged it, replugged it, and it re-appeared in Disk Utility as before.

Tested with smartctl 6. Since then seen so many threads on UUID, Mount, fstab mtab, and written and deleted things, I can’t remember what suggestions I followed or guessed at interpreting. In Jun it has FW and does fall asleep after 1 second of inactivity flashing with firmware da01 helps ; DeLock? All I know is that I used to do it, and now I can’t.

Ok, this “should” be a failsafe method. Unsupported USB bridge [0xc: Thanks tarps, ironic,I am just fooling with it now again This morning I did format. Inscription on printed circuit board of bridge: Works, but has warning: