The Core i doesn’t benefit from Intel’s Turbo Boost technology at all, but instead relies on an architecture able to execute more instructions per cycle than AMD. The Phenom X4 BE is the cream of the crop processor of the quad-core product line, it runs at MHz on all four cores with a multiplier of Reasons to buy the Intel Core i3 Much higher clock speed 3. Faster quad-core int speed. We calculate effective speed which measures real world performance for typical consumers. Pretty significant, pretty interesting. So what is the Phenom X4 precisely?

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Now manufactured at a much smaller fabrication processes, 45 nanometer, and has different amounts of cache. Both processors can be considered and positioned in Qhad-core high-end segment, yet will be priced friendly. We’ll conduct our test in two ways though, first off we’ll check baseline performance just like the regular Phenom X4 and then start an overclocking session. How efficiently does the processor use electricity?


Core i3 6. DDR3 memory will allow the overall performance of the platform your PC to gain again a little in speed. Faster single-core fp speed. Throughout our benchmarks we’ll show you the results on both that baseline and overclocked performance with all benchmarks.

Individual core benchmark performance. Phhenomtm Full list of technical specs. Market Share Market Share trailing 30 days. What is the GeekBench single core score? See market share leaders.

Reasons to buy the Intel Core i3 Much higher clock speed 3. Review Differences Benchmarks Specifications Comments.

AMD Black Edition AMD Phenom X4 / GHz processor Overview – CNET

Quad Core Mixed Speed. AMD Phenom series processors are slowly ripening, and are aging like fine wine they get even better over time. There was a little sunshine at the end of the horizon.

These processors are given the two thumbs up to overclock, and the little bonus is increased in the form an unlocked multiplier allowing you to really quad-ccore the envelope on your tweaks. Core i3 4. Core i3 7. Faster multi-core int speed. Combination of all six facets. Last year Phenom was introduced, it’s AMD’s first quad-core processor.


AMD Phenom 9950 Quad-Core

AMD recently upped the ante on their flagship Phenom X4 processor line-up. UserBenchmark of the month Gaming Desktop Workstation. UserBenchmark will test your PC and compare the results to other users with the same procssor. It’s weird how the mind works, eh? Single Core Mixed Speed Hugely higher market share.

Systems with these CPUs. Multi Core Mixed Speed. Differences What are the advantages of each. Integrated GPU performance for graphics. So what is the Phenom X4 precisely? We calculate effective speed which measures real world performance for typical consumers.