The item may be a factory second or a new, unused item with defects. The video game system according to claim 3 , wherein said video game instructions include at least one instruction for causing said game program executing processing system to provide a first command to drive said vibration source to generate vibrations of a first strength level at a first time during execution of said video game program and at least one other instruction for causing said game program executing processing system to provide a second command to drive said vibration source to generate vibrations of a second different strength level at a second time during execution of said video game program. Furthermore, the guide ring of the above described embodiments is formed as an octagonal shape in a top plan view, and therefore, if the respective corners are positioned at up North , right-up North-East , right East , right-down East-South , down South , left-down South-West , left West and left-up West-North , it is possible to securely incline the lever 90 in any one of the above described directions. More specifically, in the second prior art controller 1, in addition to the select switch 3, the start switch 2 and the cross direction switch 4, four action switches 5a, 5b, 5c and 5d are provided on the surface of the housing 1a’, and two switches 6a and 6b are provided on a rear surface of the housing 1a’ at positions that index fingers or middle fingers of both hands can reach while the palms of both hands are brought into contact with left and right side surfaces of the housing 1a’. Methods and apparatus for using life-context of a user to improve the organization of documents retrieved in response to a search query from that user.

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The video game system according to claim 1wherein first and second operating devices are formed on the surface elextronic the housing of said hand-held controller, one of said first operating device and said second operating device being operable for use as a first moving direction designation input device which designates a moving direction of a game character and the other being operable for use as an action designation input device which designates other actions of a game character.

US6102803A – Operating device with analog joystick – Google Patents

In addition, the count values of the counter X and the counter Y can be reset by a reset signal applied from the reset signal generation circuit when turning-on an electric power switch or a reset signal applied from the switch signal detection circuit controllwr a time that two predetermined switches are simultaneously depressed by the player. Therefore, as shown in FIG.

Furthermore, respective ones of the above described flat surfaces 74a and 74b, and 84a and 84b are included in the same horizontal plane in a neutral state of a lever 90 described later. The adapter further includes a clip having a shell that ga,e supportable on the controller body. Furthermore, discarded mahjong-pais are displayed on the common monitor screen such that the other players can make “pong” or “chi” gaem the discarded mahjong-pais.


In this embodiment, the knob gmae is in the form of a contoured disc. Therefore, if the is used for a long time, the finger or the hand is not tired, and therefore, it is unnecessary to stop the game due to a pain of the finger or the hand, and accordingly, interest in the game is not detracted.

Although the present invention has been described and illustrated in detail, it is clearly understood that the same is by way of illustration and example only and is not to be taken by way of limitation, the spirit and scope of the present invention being limited only by the terms of the appended claims.

One object of the invention is achieved, however, by minimizing the number of attachments necessary between the band 26 and the clip Video game machine, player character action control method, and video game program. In addition, the vibration generating circuit 50 A included in the controller pack 50 will be described later. The present invention provides unique features conhroller permit the use of a variety of knobs, such as knob 30, with the joystick adapter This item will be co.otd through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking.

USA – Operating device with analog joystick – Google Patents

That is, the cross switches provided in the conventional controllers is a kind of digital joystick. In a video game system comprising a video game program executing electronuc system for executing a video game gane a hand-held player controller connected to said video game program executing processing system and operable by a eletronic to generate video game control signals for said video game program; and a memory media for storing video game instructions for said video game program, a method of providing physical sensations to a player using said video game system comprising:.

The joystick adapter of claim 1, wherein said underside of said base of said joystick defines a plurality of recesses sized to receive a corresponding depressible key therein. At this time, the inner case 48 is fixed to the outer case 44 by a suitable means such as screws not shown.

US6200253B1 – Controller pack – Google Patents

Therefore, even if the lever 90 is erroneously stamped, a further inclination of the lever 90 is stopped by the guide walland therefore, the lever 90 is prevented from being destroyed. Display control method of a plurality character operated by the player in the video game device. The bus control circuit 12 waits in the step S 23 if the controller control circuit 17 receives no data from the controller 40 and no data is stored in the RAM Furthermore, circular bosses are formed at two positions apart from each other by degrees on the inner edge defining the hole of the guide ring in a manner that the bosses protrude toward an inner radius direction of the holeand the bosses individually fit into the grooves 98 formed in the latitude direction of the above described ball portion The RAM 51 is a RAM having a capacity less than a half of a maximum memory capacity capable of being accessed using the address bus, and having k bits, for example.


For example, the clip 24, and its arms 54, can be modified or arranged to fit a controller having a rectangular end at which the keypad is supported. Therefore, the cross switch is used for designating one of four moving directions.

Nerdly Pleasures: Three Flight Simulator Joysticks for DOS

In accordance with one aspect of the invention, the means for retaining the clip on the controller body includes an elastic band having a T-shape. Since the advent of the home video game explosion in the late ‘s, the game controller has become a fixture in a majority of the American homes. A tapered portion is formed on a bottom surface side of the engaging recess portionand therefore, the tapered portion assists insertion of the engaging member of the lever 40 into the engaging recess portion Another controller stick 75 is shown in FIG.

The underside of the base is configured to contact and be supported by the depressible buttons of the keypad. At an central portion of the lower housing of the controller 40an insertion portto which the RAM cartridge or controller pack 50 which is the expansion device is detachably attached is formed in a manner that the insertion port projects from a rear surface of the lower housing.

On the other hand, the joystick adapter 20 of the present invention can be modified so that its components will readily fit other types of controllers. The signal processor and the drawing processor process the music signal data and the image signal data sent from the RAM 14and stores again the music signal data and the image signal data in the RAM In a bottom portion of a rear surface, an engaging recess portion which engages with an engaging member not shown of the lever 40 is formed.

Furthermore, a cost of the game machine unit rectifies the number of the connectors, and therefore, it is impossible to form a large number of connectors on ajko game machine unit.

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