Which spec s anyone wishes to base their buying decisions upon is a personal matter. It sounded like you were talking about the interface instead of the mechanisms. Sat, Jul 1 6: I boot from SATA 1 connector. Within a second the an AiAudio window popped up and explained to us why the audio was not functioning. Unfortunately I had a lot of problems with that board when it first came out.

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The sustained speed is what I gave you but I called it continuous. With this setting we raised the FSB all the way up tothough at one point we did raise the vcore. In general the Asus motherboard did quite saa, certainly enough for you to realize why so many enthusiast opted to go with Springdale motherboards as opposed to their more expensive Canterwood counterparts.

It booted asys and installed Windows flawlessly. The upcoming BIOS, v, which is in Beta now, will be interesting to check out and see if these issues can be helped. Oldest to newest Newest to oldest Previous Next. The variations between each are generally very slight- normally changes in the northbridge, soutbridge, or included accessories, etc.

This technology brings with it a number of features that are meant to make the board easier to use, especially for first-time overclockers and people new to the computer enthusiast scene. I got a slight improvement but I went for better drives with a bigger 16MB cache as opposed to 8MB previously so that and the fact that they were freshly formatted, could have caused the improvement.


Standard SATA Operation on RAID Controller? (Asus P4PE Deluxe) – Ars Technica OpenForum

By the way which make and model of PATA drives were you getting those low performance figures from? This is not exactly a new or innovative feature but it worked well and was easily to navigate. It can do so from a file you have downloaded or straight from an Asus FTP. Render in it’s own partition in the third drive. With the release of socket, and processors Pentium 4, socket componentry is no longer in the limelight. Latest post Fri, Jul 7 At this time we found another AI feature, AiUpdate.

It will work just fine. Sat, Jul 1 4: Fri, Jun 30 3: Dean, Installing and using the new SATA drive should be a breeze and you’ll really like the performance. Thanks in advance and if you require anymore information, let me know.

I have started using gig drives and am in process of replacing azus except my sys drive with gigers. The last part of our testing was overclocking the system.

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Otherwise, there were no problems at all. You may want to re-install windows on to the SATA drive since it will be faster, but not by much. After p4p8000 point we slackened the memory timings from to 2.


There is not much else to say- this was one of the smoothest installations I have ever conducted. I boot from SATA 1 connector.

This means prices are falling even though the performance of socket hardware is still very close to that of other platforms. At the sytem was stable enough to play Halo or run 3dMark01 but it did not run Prime95 so we back it down tojust to be safe.

The “speed” has as much to do with physically moving a head p4pp800 it does with transferring bits. The MoBo controller figures hugely in the real world stats. Thanks for the link to the article.

Asus P4P Motherboard | eBay

I didn’t get that from what you wrote earlier. Also notice the passive northbridge cooler- it is a nice chunk of aluminum which works fine and saves on the high pitched p4800 that is normally emitted by a small 20cm fan.

This is an program which painlessly updates your BIOS at your request.