Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. If you just want a simple down to earth card, the V should do the trick, as it is pretty affordable too, just a little more than a TNT2 Ultra. You just won’t enjoy the games. Smart Doctor Technologies- Smart cooling, dynamic overclocking, overheat protection, fan speed monitoring, AGP power level monitoring. Please visit HWZ for the latest reviews and news. Not a new weapon, just VR without the glasses.

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About Us Employment Privacy Policy. In each line, Asus offers the Pure and Deluxe models. Only one page describing the driver install process was included for Windows NT users. This chip provides the V Deluxe with a very clear and crisp display output via the included C6600 cable.

This works in the same way that normal depth perception is formed, as your eyes which are set apart do this naturally.

Privacy policy and Terms of Use. While asuz glasses are super cool for about the first week of play, they will not help you play better or last longer. Max Refresh Rate Hz.

ASUS V6600 Deluxe SDR GeForce

As few as two years ago, if you had asked any of us at AnandTech which company was dominating the market for video card products, not a single one of us would have answered ASUS. What do you do when you are composing an article and suddenly becomes uninspired?

The tweak utility allows the core clock to be set from though Mhz, and the memory clock to be set from through Mhz. Click here to enlarge. While the maximum refresh rate is Hz as long v66600 your monitor can support itsome people still experience problems with extended game play due to the constant flicker and trickery of the brain.


The idea does not seem novel to us now, but ASUS decision to expand v6600 being a motherboard producer to a video card powerhouse was considered quite revolutionary. Any heat that results from the GPU is quickly dissipated by the included hardware monitoring fan. Spinning at RPM and stuck on the GPU with a precisely applied layer of thermal grease, the processor was cooled by a very efficient design. I was able to use the driver with Adobe PhotoDeluxe bundled with my scannerbut not with VidFun another image editing program.

Specifications, courtesy of ASUS: This is accomplished by rendering alternating asu in a game during each refresh cycle of the monitor. Video output, Video input, and 3D glasses. There is one more distinction in the V asu. Log in Don’t have an account?

Now that the GeForce processor has been on wsus market for some time now, companies have been able to switch from using NVIDIA’s reference deign to a design which makes more sense for the manufacturer. A Video Security program was included that promises to use the video capture to look for changes in an area being monitored and alert the user. Expect this problem to be v66600 later.

Smart Doctor will reduce the clock speed of the core temporarily if it notices an over temperature condition or if the card isn’t being utilized.

The glasses are a fun thing to show visiting friends or to play with when you are bored, but there is no real advantage to using them except for asu game play in the dark, as this is when they look best. The Deluxe came with a load of software to help users take advantage of the card. The drivers include a task bar app that I found useful.


The tweaking was easy, and settings can be saved for the next bootup by setting a check box. It is obvious that the Deluxe is more power packed than the plain V Once again, ASUS chose to take the road less traveled when providing such an advanced option, a fact that only brought more smiles to our faces. In fact, as written in the Overclocking section, this setup allowed us to push the GeForce core to places never traveled to by a GeForce before.

It is very easy to find things that you are not ashs with your current system.

ASUS V Deluxe SDR GeForce

But when your lucky star refuses to shine, even the simplest aeus will fail, and you may end up with a heap of problem. This lightening and darkening of the glass occurs in synchronization with the monitor refresh to allow only one eye to see each frame.

I also downloaded the latest 4-in-1 driver set from Via.