Feb 21, 3: In some cases, Apple will issue a recall or automatic repair for known issues across a certain serial code set or a particular model. There are complaints of the problem, but no resolutions to be found. Ive been told this is because of the overlay settings but don’t seem to have option in my ATI settings so it was suggested that i need a new driver but i can’t get one from anywhere. Anyone have a similar experience? In Boot Camp XP, common gray and blue backgrounds or any image with a fine matrix pattern or gradient flicker at a high frequency like it can’t decide what color to display in each pixel. All replies Drop Down menu.

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I’ve been scanning the web for the last hour and can’t find any info regarding the MacBook Pro and x video driver.

Possible fixes Currently there is no official fix or solution for this issue from Apple. CNET’s best of MacBook Pro users with models that have the ATI Radeon X graphics cards have been reporting issues such as horizontal lines of noise and other display artifacts.

Message was edited by: We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. But there is still a little flickering left on my Macbook Pro 2. What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest mc. It seems that the finally fixed the issue I have a bluish tint on my display and to compound the problem, since the driver is defective, I cannot project my display on any projector.


User profile for user: Thanks, I love apple and I love Macs, but my PC friends are laughing at the disco show that my awsome 17″ display c1600 into every time I boot into Vista.

MacBook Pros with ATI Radeon X graphics cards still experiencing issues – CNET

Feb 24, 5: Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Oh, then this is in the totally wrong section. Apple does not seem to give a hoot. I have a 17″ MBP 2. You’re not dealing in a child’s world anymore. Radeon X Driver – Macbook Pro 17″ C2D I know this topic appears elsewhere; I am re-asking because there hasn’t been progress that I can find anywhere here raceon on the web.

MacDaddyMacDaddy Message was edited by: Van Nostrum In response to Prof. And it is indicative of how much of a neophyte Apple is in trying to enter the true business community.

A generic driver perhaps? The issues surrounding the ATI Radeon X graphics card have not qualified for any such program to date and Apple is treating these issues on a case-by-case basis.


If you open your own computer and repair something internally, you run the risk of voiding your warranty and permanently damaging your computer.

When it does boot, the backlight comes back on, the cursor shows up and then the desktop. Get it here http: Most of the applications I want to use in Boot Camp XP have these flickering gray backgrounds, so I fear I am in danger of inducing a seizure! I have a similar machine MacBook Pro 17″ 2. Dec 5, By the way, they don’t laugh when I boot into Leopard because they know Vista is craptacular.

Radeon X Driver – Macbook Pro 17″ C2D – Apple Community

Posted on Dec 5, 7: These are real issues from people that do work other than graphic design! Van Nostrum I have been waiting for a fix for this, I’m beginning to believe it’s never going to happen.

In Boot Camp XP, common gray and blue backgrounds or any image with a fine matrix pattern or gradient flicker at a high frequency raeon it can’t decide what color to display in each pixel.