Clogged nozzles Carry out the [Head Cleaning] for the If the problem persists after Back Genuine item for use in: Adjustment and Setting Procedures Some of the adjustments and settings must be carried out after the machine has been booted up in the specific methods described below. Mode Operating procedure Service mode Turn on the power while pressing both the Up arrow and Down arrow keys. Previous setting preserved] Select the type of cut for roll media after completion of printing.

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Use the recommended type of Is the recommended type of media being used? In the event of an item not being available via this service, we will endeavour to contact you at the earliest opportunity. When amendments are made to the content of this manual, Canon will issue technical information as the need arises. View all Scanners Brother scanners. Outline The printer has an ink tank detection function.

Periodic parts replacement The printer contains no parts which require periodic replacement. Installing gjw carriage belt 1 Matching the belt stopper [1] and carriage belt [2], insert the belt stopper into the CAUTION hole at the back side of the carriage. Carriage motor M2 Moves the carriage back and forth. Dump mode This machine is provided with a dump test function to print the input data in hexadecimal and ASCII code as an online test.


User Mode Menu Jbw. The wiper jet to adjust the head conditions, and sucking solenoid SL1 is turned ON and the wiper up the ink and air bubbles in the nozzles. Sign in Already have an account?

Canon BJ-W3000

Full colour output in 2. Functions as a baud rate clock for the [1] Serial controller U Uses the external clock of List of Main Parts Sensors and Switches Figure Name Symbol Function Vjw Pump position detection Home position detection Detection of remaining ink in the ink chamber Detection of the ink tank presence Media trailing edge detection Sensor Printing position detection Media leading edge detection, media width detection, In the Basic Operation section, the roles of each function, relationships between electrical and mechanical systems, and the timing for each part are summarized.

The serial interface connector is a D-Sub bwj female. A1 draft mode Black and white output in 1. Con- Printed data layout can be set.

The carriage is advanced for approx. Best place for printers and will beat any price.

Stores the divided by 2. Brent is now consulting to a wide range of broadacre, dairy and horticultural clients in WA focusing on farm business management services to growers, assisting clients to achieve their goals. Got it, continue to print.

Outline of disassembly and assembly of main parts Main Unit Operation panel Cover plate 4 Left cover 3 Right cover 3 Image controller 12 Engine controller 5 Right cover stay plate 4 Mount plate 5 Purge unit 3 Cooling fan 2 Front cover switch Sign in or Register. Bjq all the benefits of utilising inkjet printing in the home or the office, perhaps the most attractive for the majority of users is the lower cost of replacements and consumables.


BJ-W – Support – Download drivers, software and manuals – Canon UK

Summary of Operation 1. Readjustment is prohibited since they have been adjusted to the optimum position at the factory.

The suction fan continues to run constantly while the paper is being transported during the printing operation, to prevent the paper from floating away from the platen. To prevent this, the distance between the head and platen can be adjusted in 3 stages Paper thickness using the paper thickness adjustment lever.

Engine Controller Figure is a block diagram of the engine controller. However, the directions for removing the connectors and the disassembly procedures for other parts are omitted. Duming this time, the caps of the purge unit are pressed against the BJ print heads to prevent the nozzles from drying out and to keep out dust.