Imagine just getting rid of it. My main rig uses 8 inch drivers rated to 30 Hz without cabinets. Of course, the 3″ driver is about the same size as a trumpet bell, so there you go. Unfortunately I didn’t realize my receiver doesn’t take spades so I put them in the closet and forgot about them. All speakers are a compromise, pick your poison. Now, before any feathers get ruffled, I have no connection to Clark Blumenstein other than as a very satisfied and di hard to please audio customer, have two of his complete systems orca subs are shipping anyday now and will likely go to Clark again at some time in the future to have some feastrex or LM Audio based speakers made — in which case the Nags will go to the living room, the Orcas to the bedroom, and then I’ll be happy ever after.

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This is in my dedicated listening room — PoochZagDec 19, In fact the design and driver have changed somewhat since your pair — they are all now made exclusively of bamboo plywood — either natural or caramelized, no longer have the removable back and indeed use the new driver. The trade off of a full range single driver is as you say, building a box around a small speaker that can reach the bottom octaves realistically.

Now using a single driver has it’s own set of problems, but in general terms bigger driver, more bass, harder to get the upper mids and treble right without glare and honk. Super Best Audio Friends. I’ll flag myself later for piling on to the Rclark smackdown, but to answer your question another way, you have some wonderful speakers in your setup, another way to get to that musical magic is single driver speakers using no crossover.


FS: Blumenstein Orca Ecosystem (and blue jeans speaker cables)

I’ve lost count how many speakers I’ve gone through in the past 8 years since I’ve been back in high-end audio, and these take the prize for ultimate musicality and refinement with no sonic nasties — not something many speakers at amny price can claim.

Frankly lovers of small single driver designs ogca almost universely deluded themselves into not needing real bass. I mean, what’s the point? And while these small speakers can only move so much air, at modest volumes they are eerily realistic. If you are not reading this content in your news aggregator, RSS reader, or direct, then the site you are blumenstrin at may be guilty of copyright infringement.

Blumenstein Audio Orca Speakers | Full-Range | Audiogon

FF85k with an Eminence Alpha 15a crossed at Hz. So, somewhat correct that they will not shake the foundation, but in the right room and sensible amplification blumemstein will certainly perform far above what the casual observers will ever give them credit for. Not only did the soundstage explode in all three directions, these little speakers distinctively revealed the differences in amplification handily.

Thanks, Lin — those amps sound sweet. Playing to their strengths, I run through a medley of vocal-heavy tracks.

My discourse with Clark was pleasant and I am satisfied. No one was more surprised than yours truly, when we heard a major difference going from the 20 watt tube amplifiers to the blumenwtein Pass Xs monoblocks.

Direct from the amp with no phase or FR smearing. IMO on stands the s need help even a powered 8″ in 1 cu. My main rig uses 8 inch nlumenstein rated to 30 Hz without cabinets.


Blumenstein Audio Orca Speakers [Expired]

These were still the current version when I got them 2nd owner in earlythere was a recent driver revision copper colored frameand these are the older black rimmed drivers still available apparently.

It is the only 2 way Magnepan other than the 2. One and only bump, and added some Blue Jeans speaker cables.

I should also mention that in all cases my speaker fronts were a good 30″ out from the front wall, so even closer would undoubtedly even add to the bass output. Also bought used in a separate transaction. A few nibbles, but everything is still available.

Used blumenstein orca for Sale |

I enjoy all of my speakers for what they can do, if I discarded them because of what they can’t do I wouldn’t have any speakers. Analogaholic Old School Portfolio. And yes, the drivers are now flush surface mounted but not actually in contact with the cabinet, and the port is a stacked plyboo affair that is really the only proper way to build a port for best bass performance. How you balance all of these things is the art, and why these things are works of art that can’t be fully appreciated on a spec sheet, just like you can’t appreciate van Gogh by measuring the size of the canvas.

Logged reddmadder Full Member Posts: Of course, the 3″ driver is about the same size as a trumpet bell, so there you go. Rclark on 12 Mar Again, everything has its strengths and weaknesses.