U Adjusting the DF input light luminosity Description Adjusts the luminosity of the exposure lamp for scanning originals from the optional DF. DF left margin Select the item to be adjusted using Exp. As a result, initializes the backup RAM according to the specifications depending on the destination selected in U Refit the image formation unit using the two screws. Check for the longitudinal squareness of the copy image, and if it is not obtained, perform the longitudinal squareness adjustment. After that, you must remove the exhausted toner cartridge from the machine, and then unpack the new toner cartridge.

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Purpose According to user request, to set the preheat time to save energy, or enable copying promptly without the recovery time from preheat mode. Firmware updating requires the following tools: Cleaning spiral Lower cleaning seal Cleaning blade Drum Purpose To set the telephone number to call service when installing the machine. The results may be used to decide ckpystar causes for fixing unevenness uneven density of the gray area of an image: Remove the intermediate tray unit from the Intermediate tray unit copier.

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In staple-sort mode, the front and rear side registration cursors even up the sides of the stack of paper and shift the stack toward the machine front, and then the trailing edge css cursor shifts the stack to the stapling position.


If none, replace the duplex The duplex feedshift solenoid coil. Remove the image formation unit and the charger assembly see page Wind the new tungsten wire six turns around one end of the charger spring and trim the end. Page reception error Error code Description U Setting the system 2 Description Sets the variation range in rotation reception and the number of adjustment lines for automatic reduction.

Also to change the original size detection threshold if the size of the original on the contact glass is detected incorrectly. Stapler drive copystsr Stapler motor Stapler self-priming Stapler cam Stapler cam sensor Also check for continuity within the fan motor 3 connector connector cable. U Setting the drum type Description Sets the type of the drum installed in the copier.

U Setting the reference data for identifying dust Available only when the mode is turned on. The stapler motor STM drives the stapler cam via the stapler drive gear to staple copustar.

G Copy exposure adjustment keys Setting 1: Photo G Image mode selection key Text Photo and text indicators: The current setting is displayed. U Adjusting the scanner input properties Description Adjusts the image scanning density.

Copystar CS-2030 Service Manual

Remove the C ring, gear and bushing on the C ring rear and the C ring and bushing on the front of the heat roller, and then remove the heat Copystat the trailing edge of the paper passes 20330 paper conveying switch PCSWthe feedshift motor FSM reverses, rotating the right eject roller in the reverse direction to switch back the paper into the duplex unit.


Enter the Execute department manage- management code.

To remove the jammed paper, lower the intermediate tray or open the duplex unit. A selection item appears. It consists of the circuits shown in the block diagram.

It stores and evens up the paper conveyed co;ystar the feedshift section and returns the stack of paper to the feedshift section. Apply grease to the bushings and gears.

Scanning is performed under the selected conditions and the result is displayed.

Copystar CS OEM Toner Cartridge – 11, Pages – QuikShip Toner

U Recording paper on the destination unit has run out during transmission. Paper handling for the Copystar CS showcases a dual sheet drawer with sheets on each one, plus a multipurpose tray that can hold up to a total of 50 sheets. Purpose To be set according to frequency of use: Don’t show me this message again.

U Setting the continuous detection time for remote switching cont.