Trouble shooting Q How to check if the card is recognized by properly or not? Q Does the fingerprint scanner work with the CFU2? Antti, thanks for your 2 cents Without ‘yes’ answers to each of the above questions it will drive up risk and development costs which need to be balanced into the equation for deciding. About us Online store Contact.

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RATOC Systems, Inc. FAQs

If you could not find, please let us know. On the ‘device’ side I need USB 2. If it is recognized as a mass storage device such as HDD without installing any driver cy7f67200 Windows OS, the mass storage device driver which comes with the CFU2, will recognize the device.

Refer to the documents from Microsoft. Q How is the USB storage device mounted? About us Online store Contact. Create free account Forgot password?

Only one of these media will be mounted on Pocket PC. Fingerprint scanner needs its own driver to work with the CFU2.

The parts listed in the OpenCores document are no longer available, but the document is also 4 years old. But we cannot say if it will work or cy7c677200. However it seems to have some linyx where it can get out of the way and be controlled by an external device, which would be the FPGA. We have no plan to provide Linux driver by ourselves. I agree, but haven’t found any ULPI interface implementations.


That will let the transfer speed be slower than the other PDAs. It needs a utility to indicate the mouse pointer, which we don’t provide. The chip is based with support hardware.

Linux source code: drivers/usb/c67x00/c67xdrv.c (v) – Bootlin

We provide only HID driver and mass storage device driver. Since we don’t lniux the device driver, we have not tested web cameras. I really just need 2 host ports. It’s all theory, I need to prove out functionality.

USB PHYs and drivers that folks have used

But you can make a device driver by using Windows APls. You need to install the driver in your PDA. Re-format the media with the original device in that case. Antti, thanks for your 2 cents Inquire the device vender about the device driver for PocketPC and its installation. After the format, some of them may not work on the original device such as a digital camera.

We developed the special driver to improve transfer speed, but it is still slow as shown above.


One of the devices under consideriation is the Cypress CY7C which is based with USB, and I’m guessing similar in some fashion to the 7C that you’re using but I’ll take a look maybe that would be a better choice for us too. But now the issues become: Without ‘yes’ answers to each cy7c76200 the above questions it will drive up risk and development costs which need to be balanced into the equation for deciding.

You can find a development kit for this controller on Cypress Web site. Q About the transfer rate of the CFU2.

It depends on the Media Reader which slot will be mounted. It has 2 USB ports and one can be on-the-go, meaning cyc767200 can switch between host and peripheral mode as necessary. Sign in Sign in Remember me Forgot username or password?