Specifies whether to compress data sent to and from the server. Values for x option: Specifies a query options file library. I got it to work yesterday. Specifies whether or not to send Unicode SQL statements to the server. For additional information on this scoring system, refer to https:

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Db2 Content Manager on Demand offers high performance online document capture, storage, and retrieval of computer output. Thank you so much for sharing this! Thanks, I just tried it myself as well and it works indeed!

Connection string keywords

Db2 Web Query takes advantage of many of the Db2 for i query acceleration technologies built into the OS, including: Self healing Db2 for i contains a number of self-healing features: Combine that with endless vague support documents and you spend hours researching the stuff, without making any progress. Depending on your configuration, it may be easier to connect via the ODBC driver.

In most cases, data compression improves performance due to less data being transmitted between the driver and the server. Specifies whether to use extended dynamic package support.

Specifies the name of the ODBC driver that you want to use. Db2’s sophisticated cost-based optimizer, based on over twenty years of IBM research and development efforts.


This option supports cases in which date values such as This attribute indicates how whitespace in serialized XML data should be handled by DB2 when the data is implicitly parsed without validation. A product specialist will be glad to get in touch with you. We live for your next big customer. Trace Specifies one or more trace options. Db2 Connect Unlimited Edition for IBM i provides single client connectivity to multiple Db2 family members, the ability to join Db2 tables residing on different partitions or systems as well a rich set of Microsoft.

I haven’t been able to connect to DB2 either.

Driver name is only registered on Windows and is deprecated and will no longer idbc registered in a future release. In addition, the operating system and Db2 for i include built-in encryption capabilities that enable customers to add an extra-layer of security around their data. In most cases, use the default library list or default library option as searching all the libraries on the server will take a long time.

This should not be used if the DSN property has been specified. Message 9 of 14 11, Views.


IBM DB2 ODBC Driver for Unix / Linux & Windows – DataDirect Connectivity

Specifies whether to delay closing cursors until subsequent requests. The command is issued immediately after the connection is oxbc. Specifies whether a warning or data mapping error is reported when encountering an error with the decimal floating point data type. NET plug-ins for accessing Db2 for i objects.

DB2 Connection Help

The meaning of this option depends on the translation DLL that is being used. Specifies the maximum precision of decimal data that will be returned. Message 6 of 14 12, Views.

Specifies a 3-character language id to use for selection of a sort sequence. Microsoft could help us a lot by simply allowing a different port in their own DB2 connection driver.

An empty-string indicates to use the user-profile’s default setting for database. Download a summary of the Db2 for i 7. For additional information on this scoring system, refer to https: