UniVerse is probably billed as relational as a marketing tool OpenQM website has very little information on how exactly you would go about to program one. Posted Jul 24, 7: And if we ignore the security aspect, restricting what an application can do can help pick up programming errors. There is plenty of scope for experimentation with database designs to find a better fits to web applications, data warehousing, and image storage.

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Drizzle: a lighter MySQL

I just wouldn’t list “security” as one of them. This real-time stuff only works if you know what you want in advance.

Thanks, but this is not the kind of statistics we are looking for! If you have a log analysis application, it might only need to read from a set of tables and not write to any tables.

For jBase a web search should find it. My hope is that they are experimenting with something that is useful for certain situations but isn’t SQL ie.

Drizzle: a lighter MySQL []

For instance, in many databases you can build an internally maintained “clone” of a table by indexing a set of its columns. We are discussing about the best place to store these information and use them for real-time stats. How does drizzle form? Drizzle myssql a re-designed version of the MySQL v6.


As an example, I once wrote a query that produced a report of top 20 products for all vendors monthly, sorting the vendors alphabetically, the products by their rank determined by number of items soldand also reported the number of those items sold monthly. We will display aggregate statistics: It’s less likely I will want information about other cars and which car would that be?

System Properties Comparison Drizzle vs. MySQL

Registered by Drizzle Developers. We will need to re-think the structure of our collection. Post-relational and MultiValue are synonymous. And even less likely that I will want information about entities related to the car – the cost of optimising that is bound to be more than just retrieving the foreign key from the car record and doing a direct access. But you can choose ANY entity as the peak of your hierarchy, giving it all the flexibility of relational.

Giving it only those permissions makes it obvious if those expectations aren’t met. So BuddyMedia is using some of this. So far as MySQL compatibility Retrieved from ” https: The project is focused on making a database that is: And multivalue simply means, in relational terms, that a row holds more than one value per row. OTOH for something like storing cookie state, user preferences etc. I was talking about this thing, with postgres’s Array types.


So given the lack of a daemon I think it is reasonable to say that sqlite is a more secure solution. Posted Jul 25, My colleague was the one who voted for MongoDb If the ‘server’ was per-user, and connected to the user’s other applications by something that is already supposed to be trusted like DBus’s session bus?

If I want to select a row based on an attribute value, then MV or relational is irrelevant, I have to scan the entire table or use an index, which is effectively selecting row s by key from an index table.

Whether ,ysql is useful either for larger data sets or for not-strictly-hierarchical data is questionable. What next, are they going to compromise on proper transaction support with ACID compliance?

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