According to DARC, the recommendations outlined in the regulations governing electromagnetic compatibility have simply been ignored. Simply replace the LED by an optocoupler and let it switch the lamp. The project highlighted this week is about DALI, but it is not complete, and maybe even abandoned. PeakTech P Endoscope With the term endoscope, what you probably think of first, is an instrument for medical applications, but in this case it is a handy device that, through a thin flexible tube with a camera built into the end, lets you look into difficult to access places. Although extremely compact, the circuit presented in this article contains all the electronics needed to make such a ‘lighting tube’ yourself. The AL is available in pre-fixed regulated current ratings of 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 mA.

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All items tagged with LED Radio interference from LED light bulbs?

All items tagged with Elektor. Ledd, driving to work, attending meetings, using keyboards at the office, watching TV and movies at home is not good for our long-term health The German station Bavaria Radio has also pointed out the problem on its web page.

August 1, by Jon Chouinard The Practical Use of LED Light Controllers The successful, cost effective application of a machine vision system is often dependent on the interplay of many individual elements, including machine vision lighting. This article outlines the particular benefits of utilising LED light controllers within such systems.

The Practical Use of LED Light Controllers

Can you help out? Simply replace the LED by an optocoupler and let it switch the lamp.


June 5, Source: Such poor-quality products should simply not be on sale. The increasing popularity of these light sources has led to a significant increase in reports of radio traffic disturbance, interruption of radio services and even poor DAB reception.

With this converter you can. January 4, by DE Carnival Drum Light A friend asked me, how he could make a Drum Light for the coming carnival, which would light up, everytime he slams the drum and therefore give some nice Light effect during night performance. Poorly or cheaply designed controllers can emit wide-spectrum electromagnetic RF noise because of unsuppressed fast switching signal edges. In the prototype, eight sensors in the reservoir were used.

Applications that come to mind are awkward spaces around the engine elektr a car or inspecting the input hose to a washing machine. Carnival Drum Light Some time ago the author was asked about options for making a Drum Light for the Carnival festivities. TV Elektor Ethics Back to top.

Radio interference from LED light bulbs? | Elektor Magazine

The gauge is intended primarily for measuring the level in a rainwater reservoir, but can, of course, also be used for measuring other kinds of liquid.

Martinson Battery indicator LED The battery indicator lamp on the dashboard of cars lights when the car’s battery is not being charged. The resulting poor reception experienced by some radio listeners has caused them unwittingly to point lee finger of suspicion at the manufacturer of their radio tuner. The AL is available in elektlr regulated current ratings of 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 mA. TV Elektor Ethics Back to top. We decided to give it a try. A press release back in September by the DARC the amateur radio club of Germany announced their concern for lde significant increase in environmental RF noise causing interference to radio communications, broadcast radio and even DAB reception.


Project: dimmable outdoor lighting

Powered by a CR battery it is a fun gadget easy to build and program. That is the basis of this simple low-cost digital clock.

December 1, by M. Thanks to the modular structure of the circuit, the number of lights may be extended to any requirement.

LED Select page | Elektor Magazine

Wear it to a blind date to simplify recognition and break the ice instantly or scare the other away, in which case you can put the ice in your triple whisky. January 30, by Clemens Valens Stand out in the crowd with this electronic earring This electronic earring with a diameter of 31 mm has eight LEDs, a voltage regulator, an MSP microcontroller and some passive components.

The present circuit has a similar function, but it uses an LED instead of a lamp, and it provides rather more information than the existing light. According to Nordic Automation Systems the Zhaga 18 is easy to fit not only mechanically in various designs in street luminaires but also electronically with the controller supporting customisable dimming profiles and a DALI interface.

In their opinion, the electrically noisy LED lamps are a result of a bad government policy which simply ignores regulations applicable to EMC and the generation of EMI by electrical equipment.