The table below gives you the proper values. If no vertical tabs have been selected, the paper advances one line. Fix the tractor cover in place with tape. Page Data dump mode can be turned off by turning off the printer; it is also cancelled by an INIT signal from the computer. Places the printer in an off line state until the printer is turned off and back on or until it receives a DC1 code. The manual for your program should explain the necessary commands.

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The Paper Thickness Lever Wpson need to do this when you print carbon copies. This time press the paper a little more firmly into place. The FX tractor units are adjustable to accommodate different widths of paper-from 4 to 10 inches on the FXe and from 4 to 16 inches on the FXe. If the menu does not list either of these printers, choose one of the following. Page 57 Table The offers the basic ability to operate in the IEEE address and listen-only modes.

Transporting The Printer See Chapter 5 for sample programs and full information on this topic. Using a desk or table as a stand, with the printer near the rear edge and the paper on the floor or on a shelf. Then look in the Command Summary Appendix A in this manual to find the proper codes to send.


Page 69 Control key chart Some application programs can use control key codes for decimal values O Loading The Paper Normal B – 1 0 international characters Characters Widths: About This Manual Changes one graphics mode to another.

If, on the other hand, you wish to do your own programming or merely wish to understand how the FX prints graphics, read on.

Epson Wide Carriage Dot Matrix Printer Fxe | eBay

Page Table 3. As you can see, epon sets of characters the original ROM characters that the printer normally uses fx-26e the user-defined character set remain in the printer available for your use.

Standard Double-high Unchanged Standard Double-high The value of m4 selects the width of the characters. Transporting The Printer Remove the paper rest and paper guide and pack them separately.

The variable n is determined by adding together the values of the desired modes from the table.

Don’t have an account? The has the basic features and an 8K data buffer and a line monitor function, which provides a diagnostic printout of IEEE commands.

Epson FX-286e User Manual

Page The following list of commands is in the order used in the command summary Appendix A. Arrow design After plotting the dots on a grid, epspn calculate the numbers for each pin pattern by dividing the design grid into separate print lines.


Mixing Print Styles Spreadsheets A major concern for printing spreadsheets is the width of the printer. Page Remove the paper rest and paper guide and pack them separately. Serial Interface Settings Then turn the printer back on and try again.

Epson FX-100/100+/105/185/286/286e/1000/ 1050/1170/1180/1180+ Colour Ribbon Cartridge – 8755

Before you load single-sheet paper the first time, you must prepare the printer by removing the tractor unit and installing the paper guide, as described in the next five steps. To find details of the command you want to use, refer to the page number in the column for your ffx-286e mode-Epson or IBM printer emulation mode.

Pitches And Proportional Spacing Figure shows where these levers are. Choosing And Loading Paper Italic printing can still be selected by ESC 4.