This is because the surround effect also widens the sound stage of dialogue, losing detail and making it harder to hear. I’d recommend this headset to any gamer! The fold-down microphone is also attached to the left ear-piece. The microphone on this headset actually outperforms the Beta 58a without the preamp, so the quality of the microphone is pretty top notch for the purpose of the headset. While headsets might not be the most exciting piece of hardware to shop for, being able to accurately hear where guns shots of your opponents are coming from is invaluable in shooters like Modern Warfare and Counter Strike. We’ve been giving the headset a thoroughly good ears-on to find out. Connections Show More Less.

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The bottom line – I have found the GameCom s to be comfortable mca after getting used to them, although not everyone agrees about thisI really like the audio quality thanks to the 40 mm drivers and Dolby surround processing and the noise canceling microphone with the latest technology works very well for voice quality also. Designed for serious gamers, the GameCom is made from ultra-durable materials to withstand maximum wear and tear. We were able to wear the headset for long periods of time without any bother, apart from getting slightly hot ears.

Pros Great sound for movies and games Bargain price. While headsets might not be the most exciting piece of hardware to shop for, being able to accurately hear where guns shots of your opponents are coming from is invaluable in shooters like Modern Warfare and Counter Strike.

When I plug it in without a preamp, it still sounds decent but the pickup is weak. Can mere trickery replicate the feel of a true 7.


This activates the Dolby surround effect and lights up a thin blue LED strip in the centre of the dongle. We are both very pleased with the sound quality, and although very muffled you can still hear outside noises important for parents. What you won’t find is a software disk, as thankfully the USB dongle uses standard plug and play drivers on both the PC and Mac.

So far, no complaints about the headset at all. The cans not only move up and down to adjust over your ears, but you can swivel them, which gameco them comfortable, once you get the sopt that feels best.

The Gamecom is the latest gaming headset from Plantronics featuring a retro design and Dolby Digital virtual 7. Thank you for gameocm up for our newsletter!

The earpieces cover the ears completely rather than rest on top of them, which, when combined with their thick padding and cloth covering, meant we had no trouble wearing them for extended periods of time. You might think that’s normal, but usually headsets will pivot on an axis to become more vertical with your head and adjust as needed. I am hearing sounds in games and notes in music I’ve never heard before with any headphone or standard speakers.

Plantronics Gamecom 780 gaming headphones

Rated 5 out of 5 by SSV from Great headset Awesome gaming headset, great sound, easy to use volume controls and very comfortable. See any errors on this page? By Mark Walton on October 7, at 9: The design has a retro-aviation look to it, with exposed cables running from the ear-pieces into the headband.

At the front a glowing blue button toggles the Dolby enhancements, while the rear houses a volume rocker and microphone mute switch. As a stereo headset, the Plantronics GameCom 7.


Gamcom can’t comment too much on the treble and mid tones since I don’t listen to much music in these and video games mainly utilize bass, but the lows are fantastic. This headset is also compatible with MP3 players, CD players, and other devices that accept standard-sized mav. Next, I wanted a headset with better audio capability than the typical headset designed primarily for voice and chat. Write a review zvfwtwsfxwxtzvcvvrwwvyuezdb.

I have a Shure Beta 58A that I use to record now and then.

Plantronics GameCom Surround Headset – GameSpot

We found it especially handy for spatial awareness in gamecpm person shooters like Call of Duty: With those gamers in mind, accessories manufacturer Plantronics has released the GameCom 7.

Also gwmecom of note is the cabling, which is reassuringly thick, and with a 6. The headset is an excellent peripheral for LAN or online gaming, and can also be used for VoIP clients like Skype to talk with friends and family. For the price I am very pleased with this purchase. Music sounded nicely balanced, with a clear separation between the instruments, meaning we could happily to listen to an album or two on them without any problems.

IN understand now that there are no real adjustments done through Windows when using the USB gammecom, it’s all done in-game, but the instructions didn’t really tell you that, I had to find it online. Rated 1 out of 5 by j from coffee cans!