Now that I’m ditching my Logitech for a keyboard that hearkens back to Windows 3. It is an older model AnyKey and apparentlly is sealed. The internals of this version of keyboard are held together with many small yellow zinc plated screws that hold the metal plate, membrane, rubber dome layer, and plastic support layer together as well as holding all of the above into the chassis. Unplug, lather, rinse, dry for a day in a warm spot, plug in. Apparently some of the regular, non-macro designated keys had somehow become “corrupted” so that when the key was pressed, instead of typing “a” or “d” or whatever, it typed weird non-ascii stuff that locked up the computer. The AnyKey keyboard is easily distinguished from other generic keyboards by an extra double column of F keys on the left side, a unique eight directional arrow key pad as opposed to the traditional inverted T, and a quartet of extra keys directly above the numeric pad that control the programmable aspects of the keyboard. Read full review Verified purchase:

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Vintage Gateway 2000 Anykey Programmable 124-key Keyboard From Maxi Switch TESTD

After being dismantled, keyboards of this version are difficult to properly reassemble due to their lack of screws to align the internals. Even though it was virtually identical in ajykey way except the precise feel of the keys which is very closeI didn’t take it then. The only keys on the AnyKey that cannot be programmed in at least some way are those used to control 200 programming itself — Program Macro, Suspend Macro, Repeat Rate, and Remap.

There remains interest in the concept, and though there are other, modern programmable keyboards, they are quite pricey and usually designed for special purpose apps that don’t make them favorable for normal PC use.


These are visually very similar to version 1 keyboards, with the same AT style plug and chassis. Over a year ago, when my own AnyKey malfunctioned to the point that I keyboar it deceased, he offered his up. Retrieved from ” https: The AnyKey is a key PC keyboard, comprising the usual complement of keys as well as 23 additional keys. I take it your macro is really pressing ALT and whatever number sequence.

This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Attached is a low-res picture to give you the idea; I have emailed the high-res version to you directly. The keyboard includes 12 extra function keys, four programming keys, and four additional arrow keys for diagonal input, as well as one blank key in the center of the eight way arrow key area that normally acts as a second space bar but can be programmed.

Suggestions welcome maybe the IBM Any suggestions where I might go next with this would be greatly appreciated!

It all happens in a fraction of a second. The circuit board numbers of the dead, non-responsive, keys will be: The AnyKey keyboard is extensively programmable. Gateway bundled or offered the AnyKey keyboards with most of their desktop systems from to The Gateway AnyKey model contains a toroid on the inside, around the keyboard wires near the top middle of the keyboard, which might rub against the plastic membrane circuit board and cut the leftmost trace emerging from the left ribbon connector.

Donald Cooper Thu, Mar 22,8: Gateway AnyKey keyboard. Pressing the Suspend Macro key will cause the Program light to go out and will cause all keys programmed with macros to behave with their usual functions instead of their programmed macros.


In this manner, keys that have been remapped like the commonly remapped arrow keys can also be physically moved to the correct location on the board. Please help to ensure that disputed statements are reliably sourced. It pauses momentarily when the key to be assigned the macro is pressed to indicate that the keypress was picked up. If you program a macro with a series of keystrokes you only get some strokes back.

Org Hijack jEmplode emphatic Repairs: The key caps are held onto the pillars via friction with cross shaped pegs. Surprisingly, he has no trouble down here even when the temperatures go up into the 90’s. Maybe not a lot od window defrosters either.

Gateway Anykey Ps2 Style Mdin6m Keyboard Programmable | eBay

Apparently that trace is just a marker around the perimeter of the mylar sheet, and does not perform any function other than decorative. My 7 year old computer’s PS-2 Keyboard input port died.

Simply pressing Program Macro does nothing. Apparently some of the regular, non-macro designated keys had antkey become “corrupted” so that when the key was pressed, instead of typing “a” or “d” or whatever, it typed weird non-ascii stuff that locked up the computer.

Don’t know exactly what caused it, haven’t had that happen before. The final, last-ditch desperation step although anyjey your case it will probably have to be the next thing you try is soaking and “swishing around” the keyboard in warm, soapy water followed by a couple days of drying.