If it is not pictured, it is not included. This is a decommissioned school laptop that I’ve acquired a couple of years ago. One ram slot is not working, and the other slot has a 1gb stick in it. The AC adapter has dangerous voltages that can cause serious injury or death. Maintaining Your Gateway Caring for your notebook To extend the life of your notebook: Place the new keyboard keys-down on the notebook with the space bar away from you. Arrow keys LCD brightness keys Press these keys to move the cursor up, down, right, or left.

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Help and Support For more information moddm defragmenting the hard drive, click Start, then click Help and Support. Managing Power To replace the main battery: Help and For more information about creating files and folders, click Support Start, then click Help and Support.


Drive space information appears. Caution ESD can permanently damage electrostatic discharge-sensitive components in your notebook. The Scheduled Tasks window opens. When in Hibernate mode, your notebook saves all memory information to the hard drive, then turns the power completely off.

When you switch between user accounts, any programs that were running for the previous user gateday to run.

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Using Multimedia If your drive has this logo. Move the antenna wires out of the way, then press outward on the clip at each side of the module until the module tilts upward. The Scroll Lock status indicator appears when this function is turned gatewway. Place the new keyboard keys-down on the notebook with the space bar away from you.


Page 30 Plastic strip Replace the two screws that secure the bracket to the drive. The LED shows your notebook’s power status.

Gateway 450ROG Service Manual

Pinnacle Expression is a video capture program that lets you capture and edit full-motion video, single images, and audio through the IEEE port. The Disc Content screen opens.

Be ready to claim your notebook as soon as it passes through the x-ray machine in security checkpoints. Changing the desktop background You can change the Windows desktop background picture. This function is only available in some programs. TheControl Panel window opens. Pictures are of the actu Carry proof of ownership gatewxy a merchandise passport when traveling internationally.

Press the Fn key in combination with a colored system key such as Standby, Status, or Pause to perform a specific action. Important Your notebook must be on during scheduled tasks.

You will no longer waste your time transferring files by using recordable media. The basic methods of creating, modek, opening, and printing a document apply to most of these types of files. Viewing the display on a projector or monitor You can use your notebook for giving presentations by connecting an external monitor or projector to your monitor VGA port.


If we can test an item sold for parts we will describe Environmental Parameters Humidity Range Operating.

Mouse rollers 5 Replace the mouse ball and lock the retaining ring into place. 450rot Gateway ROG Components If the new system board does not have a hard drive kit tray, remove the hard drive kit tray from the old system board and install it on the new board.

The Internet never closes, so you can send e-mail messages at any time. I h [ CaKd 6 When you have added all your recipients, click Next. Adding Or Replacing Memory Modules Adding or replacing memory modules Adding or replacing memory modules Tools you need to complete this task: For more information about installing or using your printer, see the printer documentation.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Searching for files If you are looking for gatwway particular file or folder or a set of files or folders that have characteristics in common, but you do not remember where they are stored on your hard drive, you can use the Search utility to search by: