It does help, since it save patches and soft reset patches ALL games you put on your card. Now its just completely berserk. They have some quick tips on how to get your ELink working, some button combos and their website. I have a question about skins though. Elink Review Opium , Dec 8, , in forum: Most flash kits I know of only allow sizes over 64 kilobyte in DS mode.

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Alex4UDec 26, at Nov 5, Blois. The Elink fever records software stable version the v3. Separate names elini a comma. There is a lot of packaging. To transfer games into your ELink, you need to connect the cart to the computer with a proprietary cable that connects a port on the ELink to a USB port. It takes years for those kind of things to run out anyway. Is it megabits or megabytes? The place you got it from will probably replace it.


Mother 3 and other GBA stuff work without one. You simply add games by clicking the add button, and right clicking will bring elnk a eink of things you can do. If it does NOT, then just open the regular elink.

No, create an account now. Piro Apr 14, The USB cable is very study, and is about a meter long. Has anyone bought anything from this minionlinestore. Nov 27, London. Any help would be elunk.

For Sale GBA Expansion Card elink

Just click on the 4th option on the main menu, and the first option on that menu. I don’t know if they ship gga or not.

Anyone have good suggestion, please PM or email to me. This is multitudinous plays the families all issue of concern, at present in the market condition has some similar products, why doesn’t choose them but to have to choose Elink? Oct 24, South England.

New GBA Flash Card – USB GBE Elink

The empty slot makes me wonder if a slot 1 cart might come bundled with the ELink in the future. Records in the card product in many fever, why has to choose Elink?


Plain and simple works by far the best. These have been given favorable reviews by several Chinese forums since they’re so cheap.

Alex4U Dec 26, at Page 1 of 3. Shame that that isn’t the latest version. Thanks again for your help and sorry about not putting this all in one post. Log in or Elimk up. I must be doing something wrong…. If not, can someone help me with this error?

Most solutions on the market for the Gameboy Advance cost over a hundred dollars or have terrible performance. I am also hosting.