The PCB colors may not be the same as those in the picture. Pay now with address and payment details stored in your Amazon account. At this point it is important to introduce the concept of overdrive ration. GM Motion Control Setup. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages, most notably being the amount of current they use and the heat they produce as a result at a given power supply voltage.

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Support for Step Controller and Servo Motor Controls | Geckodrive

Bearings are the only wear-out mechanism. If it is disabled, then the current will stay at full current whether idle or not.

If it is a stepper, put the positive on pins 3, 4, 5, and 6 and follow the same rules as sttepper. If you are in an area with 50Hz as your AC frequency, useinstead of 80, in the equation. This is illustrated in Figure 2. NEVER expose the drive to any contaminants; keep the drive in a control box.

If it is uncomfortable to the touch, then the electronics are uncomfortable as well. If it weighs 40lbs, use 40lbs. This is called a star formation.

Gecko drive CNC G and 48v 8. By Purchasing these Drivers you agree to the above.


The G201X Digital Step Drive

The current set resistor is determined by taking your motor phase current and substituting it for I in the following equation: The mounting plate hard anodizing is for the benefit of the 8 power MOSFETs, not to insulate the plate from whatever it gets mounted to. An acceptable way of gfckodrive your power supply voltage if this is the only information you have is to multiply this number by any number between 4 and The detent torque on a NEMA 42 motor is significantly higher than in smaller motors and is always a loss that must be subtracted from the potential available power output of the motor.

Anything past either 80V or 20A voids the warranty on the drive. Current draw proportional to load.

Gecko Drive

This current melts the moror plate, over-currents and destroys the remaining bridge rectifier diodes and causes amusing fireworks until the circuit breaker shuts down the fun. This will ensure that your motors will not overheat due to the voltage being too high.

You can update to Ethernet board to connect with your computer Mach4 U Simple drives have no defense against this except to try not stdpper the motor in this speed range. The GX, the heart of the G, features proprietary anti-resonance and motor smoothing techniques.

Step Motor Basics | Geckodrive

This means there is no feedback required from the motor. With rate dampers the ‘bounce’ is suppressed to a single cycle. You should use a parallel wiring on your motor when you need high speed. Also shop in Also shop in. There is no advantage when comparing a series connection to a full-winding connection. It then reverses the motor direction until steppr edge is found, then the process repeats.


It keeps nearly perfect time. The drive limits current to the motor below the corner speed and thus is a current source.

This power loss is proportional to speed and must be subtracted from the ideal, flat output power curve past the corner speed. What comes with the increased motor power with increased power supply voltage is increased motor heating; this heating increases more rapidly than output power and ultimately sets the maximum output power from the motor. The motor is also the position transducer.

NEVER try running more than ste;per motor with a single drive. You send a step geckodrivve to the drive and take on faith it will be executed.

Another factor affecting accuracy is motor linearity.