Then after 5 seconds it repeats the cycle. If the upper side of the screen works properly, most likely this is bad screen. Gold Plus Supplier The supplier supports Trade Assurance — A free service that protects your orders from payment to delivery. Just wanna know, if the motherboard problem, what should i do? I have tested the ac adapter and battery and they are okay. I have been able to do a hard reset and get the power led to come on steady, but there is no hard drive led or activity when I do this.

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Turn on power, fan, lights come on, then after 5 seconds, it shuts right off.

I hooked up my desktop monitor to the laptop during this process and the screen was blank. Try removing memory modules one by one. I must say that you all are pros! I saw some guy use a heat gun on youtube to fix the problem by using a heatgun to blow on the mobo, so it will resoulder the parts together.

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The amperage should be the same or higher. Test the laptop with only one memory module in place. When the laptop haeee before, the laptop when closed would power down the machine. However I cant see anything on the screen and after a few seconds the laptop restarts and the same thing again happens.


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Hope you could help me. He is a lifelong computer geek and loves everything related to computers, software, and new technology. I can help you but I am in Davao City.

Sir, my laptop is Acer Aspire Can anyone help…i have taken the laptop back apart and checked all the conectors but cant see anything out of order. It is completely dead.

Looks like the system board went belly up. I do not know whether the LCD is gradually having a natural death, or any other spund related to Software recently upgraded to Leopard Can such a lamp loose a lot on brightness?

However the screen is pretty dark and I can barely read the information. Once started the slightest shake and the laptop freezes, and the whole process starts again.

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Let me know if you ever get to the hardcore stuff. I would really recommend using the right type of the power adapter.

I have a Dell Inspiron Remove AC adapter, unplug the battery m350v push on the power button. After that the laptop worked until the battery had charge and finally turned off.


Thanks for your help. The laptop works with the external monitor and it tells me that your video card and motherboard functioning properly. Hazee have no idea what the problem is either and i really m350v to fix this and be done with it. Could be loose connection between the video cable and LCD or motherboard. I do not repair them except replacing bad power jack. Whats like a permanent solution. Well if i plug it into the wall the power light flashes but nothing, if I put in the battery and push the power the light flashes for a brief moment also then dead, this keeps happening each time I undo the battery and plug it in, as well as withe power cord.

Power light is on but no HDD or screen activity. U should also take out the CPU, see if there are burn marks which would indicate it was fried. I guess the next step would be removing some components and see if it fixes the problem.