The drive also produced errors over a greater area of the disc’s surface than we have come to expect as can be seen from the graph. After removing the screws and opening the case, we photographed the internal components of the drive, the photos of which are presented below. Get a 4-terabyte USB 3. Min Hard Drive Space. The thickness of the lines however indicates the number of attempts required to read each point, while the random dots intersperesed above and below show major speed fluctuations. For this reason, the CDSpeed writing test average speeds are also lower than expected. As for the defects, while not the best results we have, seen, the drive seems to bypass defects without any major problems.

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On the rear panel we have the analog audio output for connecting to you PC’s sound card, the device configuration pins and jumper, ATAPI interface, and power input.


The drive was born from the joint venture between LG and Hitachi. Compared to the other two drives, it is quite a good deal slower. A fast portable drive with massive storage space A fast portable drive with massive storage space by Dong Ngo. Newegg keeps gsx Black Friday spirit alive with more deals for Cyber Monday. Apart raam DVD-RW writing at 2x, the remaining writing graphs all show a number of glitches during the writing process.


LG GSAB Support: Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.S.A

The drive was not all that fast with an average ripping speed of With CD-R media, the ripping speed remained the same as in the previous test, as indeed it did more or less for the other two drives as well. Storage by Rick Broida Sep 26, The drive also produced errors over a greater area of the disc’s surface than we have come to expect as can be seen from the graph. With this disc, the drive manages to produce a linear speed increase for both layers without any major glitches.

Xt, we check the writing speed with actual recording tests through Nero Burning Rom and the B’s Gold 7. With an average number of 1.

Nero Burning Rom does not offer any option to disable the verification feature before burning. The land track and wobbled groove track are allocated like a single-spiral track to achieve the seamless recording and playback. Ripping was achieved at the maximum supported ripping speed.

The C2 accuracy score for the drive is For the burning tests we created an Mb data compilation with Nero Burning Rom and recorded the data onto a disc. The drive ripped the audio files at an average speed of The dimensions of the defective areas range from 0.

Large drive for a low price Large drive for a low price by Dong Ngo. This is an 8. The Panasonic disc was read at 1. The graph above shows that while the speed increase is linear and the velocity remains fairly constant, there are a lot of undulations. The amount of data written is the same for all tests.


You can select the UDF 1. The Write-protect Setting is not applied to 2.

The options here are either to check “On-the-fly” recording or the “Comparison” option, in the event that you record from image files. This certainly allows for a more flexible method of working with data when compared to the other formats. The recording times for various media brands at 24x are given in the following chart. Disc at once and incremental recording. This is a little strange as the defects are located mostly in the first half of the disc.


This score is certainly not one of the better scores we have seen from a drive and certainly indicates that there is room for improvement here. The formatted disc had mbs of free space.

The test was successfully completed, with an average reading speed of 6. Storage by Rick Broida Oct 24, The disc offers a signal combination with disc error patterns to rate the drive’s abilities to read music and reproduce it completely.