Can you estimate how long my trip will take? What happens if my ride is late? Reminder calls can be received on any local area phone number. What if I travel with an attendant? Through our work, we get to know our passengers and really care about their needs. Booked subscription trips do not automatically receive an reminder call, but this can be changed upon request.

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Is there more to this story? Informing employees that selecting a union to represent them would be futile on three occasions about September 12,and about November, becone F. How is the Imminent Arrival call initiated?

Keep in mind that another HandyDART may not be readily accessible, and it may take time for one to become available. This call will be made no later than one hour prior to the requested time.

The View from a HandyDart Driver’s Seat

We believe that the vast majority of passengers support us. We handydrt our wages were many dollars an hour lower than other bus drivers in the Lower Mainland, and that the pension arrangements were laughable. They also want to cap our health benefits and cut them entirely for casuals, which would make it profitable for handydartt to reduce full-time jobs. Press option 3 on the phone menu to access the Where’s My Ride?

Here is part of a press release issued in January: Anyone who has watched the current government’s treatment of its paramedics recently will be excused if the second and more pessimistic scenario seems more likely, if not more palatable.

The View from a HandyDart Driver’s Seat | The Tyee

The takeover ended a period of locally controlled specialized transit services handydarh began in with the province awarding a first contract for service delivery in Vancouver to the Pacific Transit Co-op, a user controlled society that placed control squarely in the hands of a board elected by mobility-challenged transit users.


How much notice must be given to cancel a ride?

When I parked my bus for the last time, I was left not with a real pension but becme an RRSP bundle worth but a few thousand dollars. HandyDART drivers are not expected to carry parcels.

We will never share, rent, or sell your email address. Both the Day Before and Imminent Arrival calls can be removed by informing a booking agent or a customer service representative. When HandyDART determines that a service area will be Essential Service Only, the automated phone calls will begin immediately for all passengers who have a booked ride in the area for that particular day.

This would involve working with customers based on their abilities to provide trip plans that could include conventional transit, possibly freeing up HandyDART trips in the process. If a cell phone is not available please indicate the phone number where you can be reached at the pick-up location. Promising employees money and overtime assignments about late September or early Octoberif they discontinued union activities; D. Yes, once a week, national news only. Essential Service Only means that HandyDART will only provide transportation for those attending renal dialysis appointments or cancer treatment.

Comments We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles and blog posts. Drivers are not permitted to alter or deviate from the schedule. Desmond said there was a lot of discussion on the topic and a working group will be established to help develop the process. Does it call again? Your home phone number is the default number called, but a cell phone is the preferred option when being picked up at locations other than your home.


There are numerous other concessions and unacceptable proposals on surveillance of our members and discipline.

TransLink to begin HandyDart contract negotiations with First Canada

My fellow drivers were unusually empathic with passenger pain and discomfort, quick to bexome a joke or listen patiently to passenger stories while at the same time trying to figure out alternate routes when main streets clogged up and responding to incessant radio traffic. A booking agent can substitute a number on an individual basis for clients when requested.

Is the call generated once the driver has cleared the previous trip?

In the end, after bow numerous questions, the board voted unanimously to allow TransLink management to go ahead with contract negotiations. What remains to be seen is whether service will be restored in a way that respects the legitimate concerns of employees about their own future security when they retire, or whether the hanydart will lie in an imposed agreement that ignores those concerns. Since the final report was released in March, seven recommendations have been implemented.

Your privacy is important to us. Occasionally, a driver may be able to arrive earlier than the original estimated time or window due to a cancellation, but the client doesn’t have to be at the meeting area until the beginning of their 30 minute window.