It has levels of sensitivity and I have not noticed any difference between the sensitivity of this and my Wacom. It works great with photoshop cs6. Pen Charging Cable 5. As a Wacom user, to be honest it is nicer than Wacon pen. Only clickable buttons that have a glossy finish and have encrusted logos.

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In the retouching world, graphics tablets are pretty much a standard. When I opened the box, the tablet was well packaged.

Huion Official Store: Drawing Tablets, Pen Tablets, Pen Display, Led Light Pad

Frequently Asked Questions Compatibility. As for the driver installing, I contact Huion customer service at the beginning for the right following steps. I love this tablet! Glad to see a reputable site do a review on it! Especially as you are most likely to h6110 the driver software once to set everything up and never open it up ever again.

I wished there were more nibs choices though, because some professional might actually want to use something softer or huino.

The size is very close to that of my Intuos Pro Mediumbut a tiny bit smaller. Dennis Qualls – February 25, Quentin – I appreciate this review huio have been debating the upgrade to an expensive Wacom but went with the Huion after reading this piece.


This tablet met ALL of my expectations.

Cables are always a huge weak point for basically any piece of tech, so the ability to replace the H’s cable cheaply is incredibly reassuring. My tablet isn’t connecting.

Please could you tell me if the HPRO can be used left handed, if not which of your graphics tablet are left hand compatible. The pen is pleasant to grip, neither too heavy nor too light. At first I thought it was incredibly similar to the Turcom TSbut then I found out these two tablets are exactly the same.

With much help from a friend, he managed to put it back together. Congratulations to the Huion team. Tablet kind of works as you would expect for the first couple yuion weeks, but there are serious problems with drivers which, out of nowhere, appear on, at least, Windows I have their GT display tablet connected to my iMac. I use gIMP and Photoshop for most of my graphical work I will say this, if you use gIMP, turn off the ruler guides one your layout, otherwise it lags big time and this tablet is just 6h10 for both.

Kindly note that our tablet is compatible with Mac and Windows. But I think of switching to Wacom right now, honestly.


huiom What is in the box: I have the same criticism for this tablet as I had for the Turcom TS It was well packed, well protected, and looked good right away. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Pen angle dependence, sensitivity, overall experience is not comparable, imho.

Je vais pouvoir dessiner et scultper via Blender, Krita, Gimp I received my H pro tablet a few days ago. The driver blue screens me after about an hour or so of using the tablet. Contacted huion support and they said it’s due to custom law or something. The pressure was a bit wacky at first, but the issue didn’t last long.

Huion H610 Review – A Solid Mid-Range Drawing Pad

I love this product. Click the links to txblet out! The Huion W58 is excellent! The middle two that are set in a yin-yang pattern are for zooming.