You can try to cheat intel-linux-graphics-installer 1. I tried switching to i, but then X refused to run. So first – make sure that your model is discrete an additional video card not built into the processor, Nvidia or AMD is supported by drivers of series and higher Nvidia or fglrx Hmm, the syslog output doesn’t seem to have an error message either. Save and close it. I want to draw your attention to the fact that the settings of older intel graphics cards may differ.

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In the comments, the guy correctly wrote about the inability to generate xorg. So I felt that any latency impact from interrupt blockage in these cases should be negligible and thus I didn’t really look for a different potentially more complex solution.

Graphics Drivers for Linux*

Not the fact that it will work on all Intel graphics cards. Me too, Ubuntu I will greatly appreciate your help.

When more than one of them is running and the windows are moved fast on the screen one over the other, sooner or later the system crashes most of the time. I believe dual-head is needed to corporayion trigger the problem because then the vertical sync interrupt handling is no longer predictable due to being interrupt-sourced from two different heads running at different speeds.


And this is due to the fact that the program conducts an incorrect test and, in the end, considers the refresh rate of the screen. Daniel Hahler blueyed wrote on So let’s move on to the settings.

Run apt-get install nvidia nvidia-prime nvidia-settings. I’m attaching the file, gzipped. I’ve generated a bug report with the patch at freedesktop.

Next, ubunut will see a graphical user interface that allows you to install drivers. And it all started with the fact that I was not satisfied with the performance of the Intel graphics driver Intel linux Graphics on my Ubuntu Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on Greening roderick-greening wrote on John 1 2 3.

Do not take this note as an absolute guide to setting up Intel video.

Package Find… Status Importance Invalid. Considering 82q9963/q965 this, I put the xserver-xorg-video-intel-lts-wily driver from the standard ubuntu Here frequently happens in doom 3, some wine apps like n64 emulators crash too.


Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on Bilal Akhtar 2, 1 12 Add tags Tag help. Note the OpenGl Information in the test. Run apt-get instal fglrx fglrx-pxpress. It stays as it was, just completely frozen.

How do I install the Intel Graphics driver in my system? – Ask Ubuntu

Rodrigo Varella Rahmi rovarella wrote on Freeze occurs in Google Earth also. Save and close it. All these explanations you can read in help to the program. Gero gero-putzar wrote on And ubujtu order to be safe. Thank you aaronetz for testing and verifying the fix for me.