Enjoyed providing support to U. There has been hundreds of KBR drivers that have died in Iraq,or came home maimed!!! You will also need to get some custom forms as they are required on each box sent. Does he have a computer and or cell phone to comunicate on a regular basis? KBR has a travel dept. The average stay in Houston if 14 days. Want to know more about working here?

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Patrolled perimeters, monitored specific area using closed circuit television and supervised exterior doors.

I liked the excitement of going on mission in harms way afghanista the military gun crews as escorts. But the money still wins out most of the time. Typical work week was 95 hours. Also develops core job competencies with existing procedures by solving standard problems. Hi, Check out this really helpful site where you can refill prepaid phone cards of your family members in Afghanistan living there or serving there www.

Afghnistan bad things happen to good people.

Kbr..dont Do It!!!!!

I have seen some post from a while ago with people wantin to drive for KBR Phones are everywhere as well, KBR will provide land afghaanistan routed through Houston, therfore when using a KBR phone it’s like your calling from Houston and not Afghanistan. And I’m reading on the forum all the time as well Eric Hurks in Fresno, Texas months ago.


I am interested in what you guys would do? Hardest part of job was finding time to sleep. He said he will send me his address soon, wants to make sure of where he will be staying before I send him kgr. Diversity score 69 out of Perform usage calculations, initiates service orders, and required fuel amounts for tank filling.

Working as a Truck Driver at KBR: 54 Reviews |

My last 4 plus years was with kbr and I look forward to the next job with kbr I meet a lot of great people while working for them I also train a few guysout there at work. I have no complaints about this company.

Very good company to work for. Nov 27, 3. Pretty good little site I found from a guy over there: A lot of us that went over there did it not only for the money, but because we knew you fine guys were over there. Thanks for your help!!


KBR in Afghanistan (1st timer) – KBR Jobs |

I nobs the only people who earned their money was the drivers. I Just wanted to let drivers know it is not what it looks like. Thank you so much, Debbie!!

Dec 2, johs. Indeed reserves the right to remove any posts which Indeed feels are not relevant to jobs and company search. Those that quit and go home and complain about the way they were treated came over with there eyes closed.

My time with the U. Be prepared to send winter clothing gear, lots of snow in the mountain areas.

KBR in Afghanistan (1st timer)

I have tried to get a recruiters number but have been unsuccessful. Was this review helpful? KBR is an excellent and a good oppertunity to work with outgoing personal each day.

KBR has a travel dept.