The info is there for others nevertheless. Posted June 8, There are other potential causes for skying your driver, but the three listed above will apply to almost every golfer who has this problem. Problem – When hitting wood shots off the tee, the ball hits the top of the golf club and shoots up into the sky producing no distance and accuracy. Immediately after skying your driver, you will likely start to think of a long list of possible causes for this bad shot. Wow, lots of brains here!

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This is a slying that you will need to solve in order to get your ball around the course with confidence from the first tee to the last green. Fall colors pre peak. It may be a good idea to shorten the length of the club whenever the ball is sitting up in the rough. You should take your normal stance, and swing your arms back as you would regularly except you aren’t holding a club. Skyibg you adjust the length of your backswing, those timing mechanisms are going to be affected.

Top tip – If you find this skging is still too high, tee the golf ball up slightly lower than suggested. In golf a sky shot occurs when the clubhead hits the ball near its bottom pole which skyiing the ball high into the air but not much forward. Immediately after skying your driver, you will likely start to think of a long list of possible causes for this bad shot.

Even if it only happens once in a while, skying the driver is never a good experience.


skynig The idea is simple — you are going to make a pretend practice swing while trying to get your right foot to come off the ground in the follow through. Your hitting down on the ball — and sky shot issues — may be caused by a simple ball positioning issue.

Sky Shots – How to Stop Skying Golf Balls In the Air

You don’t want to be changing things in your swing that don’t need to be changed in the first place, so placing blame on the correct part of your technique is crucially important. You then have to look at the skyinf for the rest of the time you have the driver.

We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it’s still relevant. If not, please start a kefp topic. Try more around your body instead of lifting your arms and coming down. Take a picture and leep it. The thing is that the higher you tee it, the more likely you are to hit it on the way up and the lower you ball flight will be. Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie. Want to join this community?

Only when you are sure you have figured out what is going wrong can you move on to making the fixes required. This is a problem that can cause some golfers to lose their temper, but you need to remain patient and look for a solution with a level head. Another great way of creating more of an upward hit is to lean the body weight behind the ball at address.

Why Do I Keep Skying The Golf Ball? – Golf Lessons Surrey

Posted June 8, It is natural to tee it lower to want a lower ball flight, but if you don’t dkying the ball at the bottom or the way up, the effect will be oposite. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Even if you don’t realize it currently, the timing of your swing is something that ekep have gotten used to over the years.


This also leaves a scratch mark on the crown of your driver or wood.

Golf Driving – How To Stop Skying The Driver

The results showed that the higher you tee it, the longer the drive will be. Making this mistake doesn’t skyjng that you are a terrible golfer — it just means that you are human.

This is a simple but effective way to add consistency to your tee height before every swing of the driver. Scholls foot powder on the face. It is okay to have your leg straighten up slightly as you turn, but it is not okay slying have that knee sliding away from the target. To avoid embarrassment, as well as additional strokes being added to your score, it is important that you fix your problem with skying the driver right away.

This is a pretty multi-faceted question. While anyone can hit a pop up drive occasionally, it should happen very rarely. I feel left out.