The printers are grouped by type of printer for example, laser printers, color laser printers, ink jet printers, dot matrix and line printers, and multi-function printers and are generally listed in ascending order. Deeper investigation shows that most probably the problem is Ghostscript. The same PDF was fine on Lucid. There are two methods: Laser and multiple function printers might be able to automatically select the proper printer emulation mode based on the print data that it is sent.

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Convert it to PostScript via pdf2ps file. Check here to start a new keyword search. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. The printer hangs and has to be powered off and on again in order to make it work with some other computer.

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They are supported by the manufacturer and work as expected in oneiric and cups 1. Jobs would take at least five minutes to process and print, but they would eventually print. Blank page, no page, what is printed on an error message page if you get one? Laser and multiple function printers might be able to automatically select the proper cs-3900dn emulation mode based on the print data that it is sent.

There might be more than one Printer Data Stream listed for a particular printer model, which indicates that the printer model supports multiple printer emulation modes. Information in this document has been gathered from many different sources, including printer manuals, manufacturer and third-party Web sites, and experience gathered from working with customers.


Information on Printers from Various Manufacturers N According to the W3C, XHTML is designed to be appropriate for printing from mobile devices to low-cost printers that might not have a full-page buffer and that generally print from top-to-bottom and left-to-right with the paper in a portrait orientation.

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Follow the instructions in that bug report, oyocera comments 13, 6, and 15? In some cases, information on a particular printer model is based solely on what has been shown to work with other similar printer models.

Contact and feedback Need support? IBM support does not actively search for information about new or different printers. A simple modification on the PostScript solves the problem and you can easily test it.

Some popular printer data streams include: An attempt is made kgocera have an entry for each ASCII printer from a particular manufacturer, whether they are currently marketed by that manufacturer or not. Most things print fine, but some particular PDF’s crash it.

Email me about changes to this bug report. If you cannot find information on a particular printer model and cannot find any similar printer models listed, contact the Rochester Support Center for assistance by calling IBM-SERV and selecting the option for Software Support. My apologies for the extremely tardy response. Some popular printer data streams include:.

Click on the arrow in front of any section to read the explanation. This document contains information on the capabilities that are supported on the printer liunx. Look into “svn log” and see what can be the appropriate change and try it, the other is bisecting, which means a binary search for the fix: In many cases, this document will list similar printer models that support the same printer data streams. Refer to the printer hardware documentation or visit the printer manufacturer’s website to locate the printer’s specifications to make the determination if it will work with the IBM i.


Fix Released Kyocwra description: The PPDs were not exactly recent — about six years old the ones from the Kyocera website. May I contact you e. Base Board Asset Tag dmi.

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The terms PostScript 2PostScript 2 emulationPostScript 3and PostScript 3 emulation typically refer to an emulated version of the PostScript printer language, but they might also be used when a printer uses true Adobe PostScript support.

The same PDF was fine on Lucid. Resolving the problem This document contains information on the capabilities that are supported on printer hardware from Kyocera Document Solutions, Kyocera Mita and Copystar. Maximilian Federle ppd wrote on