Super size me New To The Charts: On a later unit the aluminum block and bit of jello were not in the drive but rather packed loose with the power supply and other accessories. The firmware has now been updated. Why can only see some Chromecasts not all? Seagate terms and conditions will apply. I could have used a simple USB drive, but I thought having a nice network disk would make backing up all the household computers. May I use my LaCie drive in another country?

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Updated – MHz channel bandwidth is an essential feature of Seagate terms and conditions will apply. Lots of partitions, all pretty straightforward. We take a look at whether it means trouble for imni 11ac network.

LaCie IP Configurator 2. You may need a jumper to make the drive be slave, but if you can do this you have some dead drives laying around already. The refreshed LaCie Ethernet Disk mini I’ll call it the “V2” for brevity’s sake may look the same as the one that’s been out for about a year.

How to update the Ethernet Disk Mini v2 and Ethernet Big Disk | Seagate Support

At this time, it is rewriting the operating system. Give it a password you know.


Oh, and mark the front and top of the case, it is important when reassembling. He has installed a Debian chroot that performs better than the bundled software. Discuss this in the Forums. It is a nightmare for cross compiling and I suspect there is bug in the OpenSSL functions used for etuernet MAC sequence checking on this processor and software build.

Ethernet Disk mini

The log showed the Linux version as 2. My 2nd bigger disk burnt up a drive and turned into a boat anchor. Fortunately the power supply from the dead Bigger Disk has the same pinout and more capacity so I’m back in business. Make sharing easier with AddThis for Firefox.

LaCie Ethernet Disk mini V2: Refreshed and Ready to Rumble – SmallNetBuilder

Thank the author and the repliers of https: Physically, the V2 is essentially the same as its older sibling, with the only tell-tales being a “V2” suffix on its rear-panel serial number sticker and different rear-panel connector layout Figure 1which includes a USB 2.

Initial install for Ethernet Disk Mini: Super size me New To The Charts: IP configurator shows that the disk has been configured, but does not allow connection.


That may be fine for you, or not. The Asuswrt-Merlin project had its 6th birthday last April, and is still going strong. Europe, Middle East, Africa. Suddenly I feel ripped off. What precautions should I take with my LaCie drive?

Nifty heatsink arrangement, no wonder it runs without the fan and still stays cool. This can take several minutes, and will not have a reaction on-screen until it is finished. Next step was to pull the drive out and flop it into a ‘real’ linux box to have a look around.

Thursday, 04 January Deciding Between Synology vs. I do it in my init. The only useful thing in there is a note that they used ELDK 3. If you erhernet it work by date and filesize then it si quite fast. You are going to need a root account where you know the password.