Both packages come preloaded with 50MB of free data. Download the new MyMaxis App today! Maxis helps you with everything you need for a fast and stable Internet within your company. Maxis F 3G 7. If you are still under contract, you will be recontracted in order to have the early termination charge waived.

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Maxis brings you closer to the future. Maxis revised Broadband plans, introduces new prepaid starter kit March 6, in News. My device is not working. From checking emails, connecting with friends, and even commerce, gaining access to the online world is a must. If yes, do I need to broadabnd for any rate plan advance payment? Maxis provides a selection of services for different companies from factory-based, corporate or even online businesses.

Choose the best modem to suit your needs. Can I purchase 4G MiFi modem at a discounted rate?

These plans are available for new registrations, port-in, or change of rate plan from existing Maxis postpaid plans and Pocket WiFi plans. How do I get it fixed? Can I purchase the modem without contract?


Personal About Maxis Newsroom. Yes, you are allowed to purchase modem only at the retail recommended price RRP.

Maxis introduces DC-HSPA+ broadband plan

November 30, in News. How can I purchase time based pass? How would broadbabd quota be deducted? Here are reasons why you should switch to Maxis as your mobile Internet provider: Having one of the fastest Internet speeds in Malaysia, you will never fall short in Internet speeds even with the most demanding of tasks.

Maxis “Fibre, Maxis Fibre”. However, bradband note that rates differ while roaming. For more information, head over to Hotlink Broadband page. With Maxis, you can get more out of what you pay for whether prepaid or postpaid. Home is where the WiFi is, even with faster mobile Internet.

So, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the fastest Internet in your home.

Personal Business About Mazis. How can I check my quota usage? The wide range of broadband passes offers is certainly welcome to suit various usage.


Mobile Broadband Maxis

To use the service, please ensure that your International Roaming service is activated. There is no contract period if purchasing the SIM-only plan. Maxis Price in Malaysia for December, It will first be drawn from your time based pass if you have purchased usvfollowed by your plan-based quota.

Maxis prepaid brand Hotlink has just introduced its new Prepaid Broadband service that offers download speeds up to 42Mbps.

Maxis Price in Malaysia | Harga December,

Yes, once your allocated internet quota finishes, the speed will be reduced to a 64kbps until your next billing cycle. Maxis has you covered. Any balance will be carried forward to the following month.