I have Ubuntu 6. I have the idea of creating specific Howtos for different Ubuntu versions using this chipsets so it could be easier for users to find the right answer to their problem and not having to roll through all this long thread. And with no results. Use their recommended tool scanModem and post the result at the mailing list. Any idea where to find this rare pearl?? Authentic XP allows Asterisk to make calls to or receive calls from a traditional analog phone line.

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Get the driver for 2. No such file or directory installing hamregistry, used for persistant storage installing usrsound, a soft buzzer install: Starting pppd and hoping for the best.

Yes, I think it is very possible. itel

Think that all steps went ok, no errors that i notice and when i tipe sudo pppconfig i get this 4 options new connection, delete connection, inetl conn.

Well, meanwhile, I uninstalled it, rebooted and checked: Selecting previously deselected package build-essential.


First problem is modem. I don’t know what the difference is, but it’s kntel nice to have it working! It would also be helpful if you could post a sample but comprehensive wvdial.

I am replying now because I wont be able to do it maybe until tomorrow. Local Linux experts can be found through: S1 S2 S3 Sorry, no modem was detected! I installed dual-boot with XP Feisty Fawn last week and, after reading the thread, have installed 6.

Thanks for your reply! If recompiling doesn’t work for you, hopefully chuckman78 can 5337 back in here and help out.

Error exit delayed from previous errors john john-desktop: Post as a guest Name. Please report back if this is not true. Some lines of this configuration are suposing you live in USA. Here is the wvdial.

Hope this helps, please report back.

Tiger Jet Network Inc. Chuckman78 has modified the instructions on the Ubuntu Wiki page to help those who are currently using Feisty and need the driver immediately. Authentic XP allows Asterisk to make calls to or receive calls from a traditional analog phone line.

If chuckman is willing, we will make a package for gutsy. Additionally you should attach all the information you posted in your last intek, including the information of your location.


[Asterisk] EP or PG Intel Voice Modem – VOIP Tech Chat | DSLReports Forums

Any help would be greatfully appreciated! I currently do not yet have the time though. But under the 2. If true, then the symbolic link you proposed would be everything needed, I guess.

Intel MD3200 intel 537 Modem Driver

Your problem is getting out of my limited knowledge. After reboot I tried to type pon I’m not sure if this is how to connect to internet in the terminal window. If you are using Edgy Eft Ubuntu 6.

Module Intel is in use What should i do to get my modem working on Ubuntu Meanwhile you could check at http: