Get the one trainer that people say works! It weighs around 2 lbs 4 oz, with most of the weight distributed throughout the entire shaft the head seems lighter. And that brings the Maximus Hittable Weighted Driver to the head of the class! My swing speed is not that great right under 80mph so I’ll try it out for a few weeks and see if I notice any improvements. Brian Peck 27 years old. If so, what did you think?

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I’ll let you know what I think once I get it.

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The Maximus will fix a slice or hook, stop “casting” maxomus cupping, add yards to your shots, increase accuracy and increase swing speed! I can get you the seller info if you are interested. The Maximus Hittable Weighted Driver build golf-specific muscles and increases flexibility!

What Do You Do for a Living? It has really helped me set the club into the right position at the top and then drop it nicely into the proverbial slot. The only way to know for sure is to watch your ball’s flight. Rubber Practice Mat Tee. Medicus Maximus Weighted Clubs Bundle. Anyone use a Medicus Maximus Driver before?


Anyone who experiences a lack of power or casting will really benefit with just a few sessions with the Maximus Hittable Weighted Driver! Posted February 20, Used by top teaching pros, the Maximus mediccus change your game today Say Goodbye to those slices, hooks, pushes or pulls!

I just bought a Medicus Maximus on eBay and tried it last night. It weighs around 2 lbs 4 oz, with most of the weight distributed throughout the entire shaft the head seems lighter.

A good wrist release will do more for your distance medicys any other single change you can make.

I’m a Police Officer. I always shake and take off my hat and never wear a hat indoors. Want to hide this ad? Register a new account.

Any other thoughts out there?

Medicus Power Maximus Hittable Weighted L-wedge Men’s Right Hand

Inertial Weight Shift – For the perfect wrist release! Anyone else have any experience with the Maximus Weighted Driver? It also helps a lot making a smoother transition at the top to start the downswing. If not, please start a new topic. I think I’m going to pick one up today on Ebay.


Medicus Maximus Weighted Driver

By bigoakJuly 24, in Golf Talk. Posted February 21, Attach the Power Meter to your own club, follow the practice standard designed for the Hittable Weighted Clubs, then re-measure your swing speed and look mesicus the improvement. It’s subtle, but you’ll get enhanced momentum, and develop the ideal wrist release.

Your L-wedge is also another quality Maximus Hittable Weighted Driver design that really helps the student swing on plane. Yeah, wearing hats indoors bothers me much more than not taking it off to shake.

The Maximus Hittable Weighted Driver is a hittable Driver so the user gets instant feedback on the range, seeing a proper ball flight when practicing, building confidence! The popup will be closed in maxkmus seconds