If the Hard Disk Timeout is set to 2 minutes, the Standby Timeout to 8 minutes and Auto Suspend Timeout is set to 10 minutes the following power management events take place: With Drive Image you can easily create and store a compressible image of the entire hard drive or individual partition on a Jaz, Zip, secondary hard drive, or other removable media device. The computer has an optional soft carrying case. The computer enters Suspend when the system remains idle for a specified amount of time. The parallel port is the most widely used interface on personal computers because it usually does not require setup commands or special configurations on either the computer or the peripheral device.

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Key Definitions The key with the Window 95 logo activates the Start menu button on the bottom left of the screen. Page 37 Windows 95 keys There are two special Windows 95 keys on the keyboard.

USB devices such as mice, keyboards, and monitors are hranspotr more widespread throughout the computer industry. Rtanspotr the battery charge indicator turns off, the battery is fully charged.

Save To Disk Partition 1 0 1 The following text is displayed when the amount of unused First two sectors bad disk space available is less than the amount required to The following text is displayed when the Save to Disk create the Save to Disk partition: Double-clicking is a common technique for selecting objects or launching programs from icons. The Format Partition dialog appears: Your modem is in Command Mode by default, until you dial a number and establish a connection.


Micron Electronics TREK 2 AGP User Manual

Safety Guidelines Appendix D: One reason for the battery to over-discharge may be that the battery has not been charged for a long time. Using the touch pad The touch pad is a pressure sensitive pointing device that provides all the features of a two-button mouse. If you select Logical Partition, PartitionMagic automatically creates an extended partition to enclose the logical partition, or, if you already have an extended partition, resizes the extended partition larger to encompass transpltr logical partition the free space must be inside of or adjacent to the extended partition.

This item may be a floor model diisplay store return that has been used.

S etu p C o nfigu ra tio n E xit s aving c han ges? If you have not set the Supervisor Password, the field will show Clear. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Once you have moved the pointer over the object you wish to select, rapidly press the left button twice.

Micron Electronics TREK 2 AGP User`s guide |

Position the expansion card so the expansion card connector yrek facing down. Disconnect the AC adapter from the external power source, then from the computer.

Automatic Memory Size Calculation The auxiliary input can be used to connect an external audio source cassette player, CD player, etc.

The floppy diskette is the most widely used data storage medium for transferring data from one PC to another. The format is hour, minute, second. Exit Menu Once you have made all of your selections from the various menus in the Setup program, you should save your changes and exit Setup. To exit the help window, press the [Enter] or the [Esc] trqnspotr.


Micron Transport Trek 2

The battery pack is now calibrated properly. Report item – opens in a new window or tab. Batteries And Battery Discharge Whenever possible, hand-carry the computer in its The learning cycle is listed as follows: This pin port is for connecting a joystick, game pad, or MIDI device.

The possible options for this field are: Battery Lock Slide the battery lock to the left when removing the battery module from the battery bay.

Vga Utilities VGA utilities In the upper area you can choose which display device configuration you wish to use: Turning On Your Computer This area will list navigation key shortcuts and information that is specific for the item that you are currently editing. Page 81 LBA Logical Block Access mode control Ultra DMA mode When enabled, this option uses bit addressing of the hard When enabled, this option speeds up data transfer to and drive without regard for cylinders, heads, and sectors.

If the battery is completely without power go to the next step.

The Total Selected field displays the disk space for all selected partitions, as well as the total used and free space within the partitions.