It turns out that mouse detection in Windows is normally handled by the serenum. When is Microsoft going to fix this? Jubatian 1, 6 Of course the registry is writeable. With my old XP Pro system, you could open the control panel, open device manager, and expand the tree – and then open mouse and pointing devices, and wait Did this solve your problem?

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I mean, you can do that now The microsoff solution is disable serial mouse in the registry; however I would prefer to modify binary protocol to avoid detection. DRS David Soft 1, 1 16 It appears a serial stream that is present while the USB device is being enumerated is the cause.

I had remembered years ago there was a problem.

Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help. Right now, 3 and 4 are totally magic numbers to me. In the other words, what sequences should be avoided in the binary protocol? It only works when I switch off my GPS and then start the computer. Worked like a charm for me. Protecting the IoT with Invisible Keys.

Mini Project: Emulate a Microsoft Serial BallPoint/Mouse — Parallax Forums

It may be that you can avoid the problem with different baud rates – serial mice use quite low baud rates, and higher rates are unlikely to be accepted as good characters by the UART at but as I’m sure you know, “unlikely” here does not mean it will never happen. In our case the protocol was reworked to avoid these characters and now appears not to be misidentified anymore.


However we were using a virtual USB serial port and for a traditional serial port this approach may be somewhat difficult as anything sent at a different baud rate is liable to look like line noise. The instructions below contain steps that tell you how to modify the registry. Upon connecting to the GPS, the mouse behaved normally, so I assumed that Microsoft had solved the problem I encountered the same problem in all my previous XP-laptops, but could solve it easily running “comdisable-software” supplied by Microsoft.

Then when you reboot even with the driver instaled it seems windows ignores the comport as serial mouse and uses the data from the input. Microsoft has documentation on the sermouse nodebut not on the actual Start element itself.

By the way, this is also a majority issue with anyone using plug-in GPS’. Now, here’s the real problem: How to completely remove driver for serial ballpoint mouse in Windows 7?

FTDI Microsoft Serial BallPoint-compatible mouse drivers for Windows 7 x86

Rawleigh Replied on January 29, Lundin k 17 An occasional but never permanent fix ballpont to disable, not uninstall, the Microsoft Serial BallPoint entry in Device Manager.


In reply to TNator’s post on April 8, Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility https: How about being able to uninstall that complete driver?

I went into the Device Manager showing that Windows 7 x64 installed the Microsoft BallPoint mouse into the system on those com’s. If you have an other suggestion, I would be most grateful.

Windows detects USB GPS as Serial Ballpoint – please suggest permanent – Microsoft Community

I trimmed the appropriate section from usb connect to end of log and uploaded it to my skydrive. If not required can be left unconnected, or pulled up to VCC.

Ben Burger 11 1. Specifies that the service is loaded or started automatically. I’ve also experience this when a USB-serial adapter is plugged into Windows while there is active serial data. Thanks for marking this as the answer.

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