In addition, he decided that he wanted to get a ROKU Netflix box so he could watch netflix movies via a Internet connection on his television. Report Respond to Sandeep. Mac OS 9 follows a path like this: Obviously a dsl modem didn’t seem to speak to a wireless modem in the same manner that a cable modem did. A solid green DSL light indicates that an internet connection is established. Well, that fails miserably. Report Respond to Eli.

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How do I properly set up a Motorola with a Netgear router? Step 3 Enter your BellSouth Username followed by ” bellsouth. However, I have multiple wired and wireless devices that need to share the connection so I have my own router that connects to the via the WAN port on the router.

The part I always seem to forget is that part about the modem being factory configured to be directly connected to a single computer, not a router. Step 2 Open a browser session and enter ” After you have made the changes to the you can then connect the router and configure it for use with FastAccess.

What do the numbers mean? My ‘input’ to the outside world is via a Motorola cable modem supplied by Time Warner. So, via the phone, we did some troubleshooting. When they finally get annoyed enough, they call me. The is also a router with full DHCP functions and may not function correctly when connected directly to another router. Page 8 Questions and Answers and Basic Troubleshooting tips. Additionally, they may be on completely different subnets.


Report Respond to Eli. When he wanted a PC to browse the internet he was constantly switching that ethernet cable – unplugging it from one PC and plugging it into the other PC. So, he was using a foot ethernet cable to connect the PC ‘in use’ to the dsl modem.

Well, the Dell had no problem getting to the Linksys router, it had a very strong signal – but it couldn’t get out to the Internet. Motorola wireless voice gateway quick installation guide 32 pages.

One method involves extra equipment second NIC and a hub and major configuration changes.

Motorola ATT DSL Modem – Style MSTATEA | eBay

He eventually came into possession of two PCs, a desktop that he used for school and a laptop that his son used for school – BUT he was setup to only get out to the Internet via one PC at a time. The comes factory configured to connect directly dssl your computer which is fine if you only have a single wired computer to deal with. Report Respond to not an expect just have google.

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How do I set up a Motorola to work with a hub or switch? Click on Configure Connection from the right menu. Step 6 Open a browser session to access the router interface as per the router’s user guide. Unfortunately, I’ve not had a lot of luck with the ‘s lasting very long and I always seem to forget a simple, yet key, configuration step when setting up a new one.


But this is certainly not the ‘solution’ we are hoping for!

Motorola MSTATEA Modem 2210-02-1002 Internet DSL Ethernet Cable

Make sure the DSL cable is plugged into the correct ,odem jack. I followed your instructions for the Motorola Netopia with soft ver 7. First I had them shut everything down – and then just bring up the laptop.

After the modem has fully initialized connect the to the NIC and dwl power up the computer. Any feedback you provide is sent to the owner of this FAQ for possible incorporation, it is also visible to logged in users.

Motorola DSL Modem – video dailymotion

Motorola nvg voice gateway administrator’s handbook pages. The Installation Guide Wizard should start automatically and the Welcome screen should appear to step through your connection installation s. Dls green Device con- nected.