Thanks for your help guys. Not that I’m accusing you of any wrongdoing– it’s just that I’m sure you’d hesitate to accept a file from a stranger, especially when they offer it so openly. After installing the driver and restarting the system, one of two things happen: There’s an outline type here. Secondly, is there a sony-specific SCSI driver out there I have not yet found or is there a more generic driver I can use? BAT, you should get two messages, one from each part of the driver, that will tell you the status of the driver load.

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In the usual DOS sequence that I’ve observed, the call to the interrupt routine immediately follows the call to the strategy routine and the ES: Okay you knew what package I had and yes, aspi4dos. Mscxex return W; function “OR” left, right: As far as e-mail privacy goes, a free e-mail account from any number of services can be setup for a one time use. Thus, the computer is rendered useless. Many, if no most of them do.

The request header must be converted back to a packet before being returned to the client via NetBIOS. DriveLetter is a read-only field for the driver and both it and Reserved should be initialized to 0. The latter improves performance significantly. Fortunately, request headers are only about 30 bytes in length and there is not a great deal of overhead associated with the conversion.


compact disc – Install a CD-ROM driver on MS-DOS – Super User

It still would not recognize a D: A phishing site will accept it; a legitimate one won’t. This answer is useless.

A different driver name must be used for each mscddex or the second installation will hide the first in the driver chain. After the server has processed the request, the request header is returned to the client first, followed by the data. The Compaq is actually not at my place it will eventually belong to my brotherso I don’t have another computer handy to make a boot disk on.

There was a post a few months back.

X this file is located in the C: The first is the hardware specific driver. This leads me to believe that I have the drive and its driver set up correctly.

Mscdec 1 to 15 of When a request exceeds this, the client makes multiple requests to the server. If you get messages indicating a load failure or success, then at least you know what is going on. However, a problem has occurred. The entries below which are bold will vary from one drive to another.


Simply rem out the line in the config. Thanks in advanced for your help.

Microsoft DOS mscdex command

Because conventional memory was often important in DOS, I cc be fairly try those drivers in just about any case, even if official manufacturer’s drivers weren’t causing stability issues. The resident part of the client driver implements the driver functions that simulate the actions of a true CD-ROM driver.

Consequently, calls to the driver which bypass MSCDEX change the stored request-header address and invalidate this assumption. Ping is NOT an acronym!

EXE cannot access the device, as the driver is not loaded. Hence, communications with the driver should use the ,scdex send-device-driver request rather than calling the driver directly. That was a common source of problems with computers in that era, and can typically be fixed for free by just figuring out what hardware or possibly driver needs to have settings be changed. This will decompress the self-extracting file onto the floppy diskette. Multiple copies of the client can be loaded for msddex access to multiple servers.