This is also very audible in practical use. They are usually slightly better than many hard disks installed into the latest Eee PCs. The appealing performance of netbooks has its price: Although the MSI Wind U consumes as much power as other dual core netbooks in idle, the consumption of 26 watts in load is significantly higher than the netbook category’s average. HD video playback in energy saving mode. Our measured temperature rates confirm the fan management’s good impression. MSI promises seven hours of battery life in idle.

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Review MSI Wind UEW7H Netbook – Reviews

There’s only one year on the battery and adapter. However, the netbook only manages an average of 13 fps in medium graphic settings and the native screen resolution of x pixels. With 46 fps, the game is absolutely smoothly playable with the minimum image quality and resolution x This is to prevent users from replacing the RAM and hard disk on their own.

This is also very audible in practical use.

Support For U | Laptops – The best gaming laptop provider | MSI Global

However, it won’t be perceived as excessively hot with In terms of performance and maximum power consumption, it likely currently represents the top of what is being used in netbooks. But, they will also have to pay almost twice as much in this case. However, a few programs or browser applications had their problems with the screen height of pixels because higher windows frequently disappeared underneath the screen’s edge.


With a result of points, the aforementioned HP Pavilion is only placed higher by a hair’s breadth with 9 points – despite the slightly weaker APU, E However, a reasonable working outdoors is hardly possible due to the reflective display and the only moderate brightness. A Full HD resolution p of x pixels is possible depending on the monitor, and thus the mite could also render corresponding Blu-Ray movies. The E is only clocked lower by 60 MHz.

The AMD E doesn’t exactly count to the most energy efficient models among netbooks with a maximum power consumption TDP of 18 watts. The fairly tight hinges have a firm hold on the display’s angle even in vibrations. MSI grants a two year warranty as of purchase date for the netbook.

Disk data transfer rate. Here, the glare type screen.

It can be used via the keyboard’s FN function with the mouse. After all, the small and light netbooks – as the name already indicates – were conceived for surfing and simple office applications. The Mzi also comes with a netbook-typical connectivity. Please share our article, every link counts! The “S-Bar” is worth mentioning in view of software. The solid workmanship is noticed in the hinges.


But the MSI unfortunately doesn’t have webcam software installed. However, the device still lacks a bit of power and equipment for the latter. Mzi created by the bulky battery in the base unit.

Review MSI Wind U270-E4523W7H Netbook

The fan’s permanent whine can clearly be heard. Both speakers are on the front. Pretty scanty for today’s standards.

We executed three measurements, whereby a mwi of minutes was achieved. Good sound was never a trait that a netbook could boast with. However, where others only reach about 35 decibels in full load, we measured over 40 decibels in the U Listening to music or watching a video was hardly possible on the first 10 inch devices without a headphone or active speakers due to the low volume.

The E is only surpassed by one other netbook processor. The touchpad enables horizontal and vertical scrolling when its edges are touched for about one second.

This would be playable with gritted teeth, but it wouldn’t be fun for long.